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Hey there! If you’re new to The Kitchen Heals or want to brush up on some healthy basics, you’ve come to the right place. I write about everything and anything to do with a healthy lifestyle – which means there’s a lot of posts! So here I’ve pulled together some info and posts that I think cover the important basics of a healthy lifestyle. And if you haven’t already, swing by my About page!

Fundamental blog posts

Eating clean – What we eat (and don’t eat) affects how we look, feel, do, see, and think. The sad truth is that much of the food that sits on grocery-store shelves today that look healthy are actually filled with chemicals, preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, and artificial food coloring that are toxic to our bodies and responsible for many modern ailments. But if we just go back to the basics and eat REAL food – yes, it’s that simple – it will make a world of difference to our health.

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Beauty  Forget expensive spa treatments and skin products – all of my time-tested beauty remedies are natural and sourced right from the grocery store!

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Thinning Hair, Food for Thought

Mind, Body, Soul – From nutrition to positivity, check out these posts about nourishing your mind, body, and soul!

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Mental Jog

Healthy spaces – Lifestyle and environment are the drivers of health. Here are some posts about making your home a healthier place!

Scented Candles Stink!

Would You Like a Little BPA with That?

Say No to Nukes!

Non-Sticky Situation

My three keys to a healthy “diet”

I reap a good many benefits from adhering to these simple rules, including: never getting sick, maintaining a healthy weight while eating lots of delicious foods, fighting off wrinkles and cellulite, and having plenty of energy each day while sleeping soundly at night.

1. Only consume 100% natural foods, and stay far away from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and other chemical additives in food. Do this by checking food labels on every single item you are about to purchase. When questioning if an ingredient is safe, remember, if it sounds like it belongs in a science experiment, doesn’t have a mother, or doesn’t come from the ground, it’s not food so don’t eat it! I’d rather enjoy the “real” version over the sugar-free/fat-free/pumped-with-chemicals version any day!

2. Please oh please drink at least 64-100oz of water daily. Water is the essential ingredient for good health, great skin, keeping a healthy weight, natural energy, and keeping all of your body’s systems functioning normally.

3. Get to know your herbs and spices and use plenty of them in your food. Many herbs and spices have amazing nutrients and health benefits. But also, they make the difference between bland healthy food and this-is-so-delicious-I-can’t-believe-it’s-healthy food. I use so many wonderful herbs and spices in my food rather than pile on the salt.

My five keys to longevity

I have spent much time learning about how centenarians around the world live healthy and happy to the ripe old age of 100. Based on my research and experience, here are the keys to longevity that I live by:

1. Stay positive and have faith. The most important thing to me is my faith in God, and research has shown that the majority of centenarians around the world have faith. My relationship with God provides all that my soul needs and I believe it makes me a healthier and happier person. I also believe in the power of positive thinking, that what we think and say has the power to shape our success and manifest our dreams. It’s been shown that adopting a positive mindset can help you to better take on endeavors and challenges. That said, others’ actions and many events are out of our control. Recognizing this and having faith that things will work themselves out in time will allow stress to roll off your shoulder about the things you cannot control, allowing you to focus on what you can.

2. Maintain a 100% natural and largely plant-based diet. See the above section for more info! Many Blue Zones (places with a higher percentage of centenarians) have a diet high in fresh produce, whole grains, nuts and seeds, healthy fats, and fish; and little or no red meat.

3. Stay active. This doesn’t necessarily mean rigorous exercise, which I do try to fit in daily. But walking throughout the day, gardening, cleaning, stretching, even balancing on one foot – every bit of physical activity you incorporate into your day can make all the positive difference to your health.

4. Find your purpose and never retire. Working keeps your body and mind, well, working! The important thing is to find something that you are passionate about so that, as the saying goes, you’ll never really have to work a day in your life. Your purpose will be something you are great at and so happy to be a part of; it will keep your mind buzzing and motivate you to hop out of bed every day!

5. Go for quality over quantity in relationships. Having a strong sense of family and friendship has been known to increase longevity, the key word here being “strong.” Having one good friend will do more than what a large network of acquaintances can, so, it’s so important to stay connected with those that matter.

From my healthy life to yours

I started my blog to share all the knowledge I’ve learned over the years about living happy and healthy. But the indispensable tool that has always helped me save time, money, and stress with preparing healthy food for myself and my family were my menus (more on that here), and I knew I had to share them with the world. So I started my V Well Health online program to make my specially designed weekly meal plans accessible to anyone, anywhere, to make it fun and easy to prep healthy meals! While the menus take all the guesswork and planning out of cooking healthy, my V Well Health program also comes with over a thousand fat-busting workout plans and videos that make it extremely convenient to stay active, whether or not you go to the gym. Check out the video tutorial of my V Well Health program below, and visit to learn more!

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