Don’t Be Chicken! Accessorize

At least learn how to! This may sound silly to you, but honestly it doesn’t matter how expensive your clothes are, to be in full style you must learn to accessorize. Beauty is in the details, my friends. I thought I’d send this memo out before the onslaught of holiday parties. As always, it is my goal to help you look and feel your best and while accessories might not be as important as proper diet and hydration, in my opinion they’re up there! And it seems like just as many people are confused about how to accessorize as how to eat healthy.  I also meet people who are afraid to accessorize. This is common! AND that’s why I’m writing my go to check list! Ready? Set? Let’s get a little stylish.

DON’T be matchy-matchy! This is the number one mistake made by women and men alike. It’s outdated and it limits your creativity! So yes, this means jewelry sets, matching scarves, hats and gloves, boots and belt from the same design line. It’s not fun, it’s not funky and, in fact, it’s a little frumpy! Instead mix it up! YOU CAN WEAR DIAMOND STUDS AND A PEARL BRACELET! YOU CAN WEAR A PINK SCARF WITH BLACK GLOVES! Isn’t that liberating?

Quality over quantity. When it comes to accessories it is far better to have quality items than a quantity of so-so ones. Trust me! I love a bargain, but if I stocked up on so-so accessories I wouldn’t want to use them either. So, it’s better to have 2-3 pairs of AMAZING shoes than 34 pairs of clunkers. It’s better to have 2 quality belts than a closet full of cheap-o, bought in a hurry jobs. You see where I’m going with this. Invest in the best and then take care of your investment. I have some expensive shoes that I’ve owned for 20 years that still look brand spankin’ new! I am careful to keep all my accessories put away and with great care. Shoes stay in their boxes and jewelry, hats and scarves are organized and put into boxes/racks of their own. I might be willing to spend money on a great accessory, but I’m sure as heck not willing to waste it! Which leads me to my next point!

Most of my hats go on the hat rack in my bedroom. The rest I keep in hat-boxes. Yes! Those still exist.

Most of my hats go on the hat rack in my bedroom. The rest I keep in hat-boxes. Yes! Those still exist.

  • DON’T Invest in trendy items. There’s simply no need. Go to discount stores like Marshalls, TJ MAX, even thrift stores for the trendy pieces. There is simply no reason to spend mountains of money on something that won’t be in style in a year. What you pay for is quality. Something that will last. What good is a pair of nude patent leather wedges when they’re 5 years outdated as they inevitably will be. There are better ways to spend money. Buy trendy items cheap!
  • Think versatile! With the right accessories anyone can go from day to night quickly! Wearing a pretty blouse under your suit jacket? All you need now are some great heels, a smoky eye and a Pashmina scarf or wrap. Boom! That’s day-to-night in a 4 minute cab ride.
  • Comfort is not as important as you think! They say you suffer for beauty. You think I disagree? NO WAY! In fact, I can remember trying on a pair of shoes in Nieman Marcus. They were beautiful. I knew right then that I wanted them. When the salesman tried them on me and asked me to stand I let out a tiny shriek of pain. In total seriousness he looked up at me and said, “Well you didn’t expect them to be comfortable, did you?” I love those shoes. Obviously, get the correct size, but don’t be shocked if a pair of heels or heavy earrings make you glad to be home at the end of the night!
  • Ok, so here’s the most important tip I have for you! Here’s where we get into the how of using your accessories. Get dressed! Accessorize! Get ready to leave the house, but before you do, STOP!!! In front of a full-length mirror. What’s the first thing that catches your eye? Leave that and work around it. One and only one accessory should pop! The rest should be complimentary, functional or outta there! Below is an example of the tweaking process I go through when accessorizing. I loved my boots that day and I was keeping those babies on, but when I stopped in front of the mirror my scarf was catching almost as much attention as the boots! Scarf change from pink to a more subtle, classic plaid and still too loud. So I went with the black scarf, black (trendy) hat that I didn’t spend too much money on, by the way, and I felt comfortable and confident leaving the house.


So there you go! Accessorize! Get funky! Don’t over-do it, but most definitely don’t skip it all together. You are your own canvass and armed with the right accessories, I really believe you can have the confidence to conquer the world!


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