DIY Christmas!

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

What a fabulous time of year! While the weather gets chillier people seem to get warmer thinking about the holidays. Snow starts falling and immediately stores are getting trucks and trucks of Christmas merchandise. Already (and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet) the stores are busier and have hired holiday help. You can see people’s shopping carts starting to fill up with gifts for everyone. I love Christmas, but truthfully, I don’t love shopping. I really never have. So, every year around this time my mind starts ticking with the same question. “Vicky, what are we making?” My gift list is long, and I love to give gifts from the heart  so I, personally stay out of the stores and sit down at my table to make gifts myself. Here’s the deal, if your gift list is long, but your budget is small or if you just prefer to give people a gift that you spent time on, why not make your own presents this holiday season?

So, here’s my Christmas gift to all of you. I will take a little time to give you step by step instructions on making your own unique holiday gifts this year. People are often afraid to make their own gifts thinking that they won’t be perfect or look store bought. I, my friends, am what you would call a perfectionist. I wouldn’t give you tips on making anything that I didn’t know would turn out fabulously and be an amazing gift to give or receive. I don’t give things I wouldn’t want myself and I would certainly never advise you to do the same. So, look out in the coming weeks for blogs and tips detailing step-by-step instructions to making this the most personal, economical, win-win Christmas ever.

Let’s up the anti, shall we? I’ll start making notes now on all the different crafts and gifts, but let’s say that all the gifts will come out to 5 dollars or less per person. Don’t think it’s possible? Well, just wait and see.

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