A Grateful Buddy Will Help Your Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is definitely one of the most critical aspects to good health.  I realized that the loss of power for a lot of us can be quite serious.  I don’t want anyone to think that I am minimizing the danger of no electricity in the home, but, for just a moment, would you please all bear with me and allow me to share my thoughts on the lessons that a lot of us should have learned over the past few days.

I have heard a lot of people complaining about the weather.  I have heard a lot of complaints about the loss of power.  As I already stated, I realize it can be quite dangerous, but I would like to talk about when it is not dangerous and what we should do.  Hopefully, for most of us, it enlightened us.  How did it enlighten us?  Well, I hope it made us feel grateful.  Grateful for life, grateful that our home is still standing – God willing, yours is – grateful for food, and grateful for our friends and family.

What am I trying to say?  Well, I guess, for me, the last two weeks, instead of dwelling on what I did not have, I chose to be grateful for what I did have.  Remember that we choose our attitudes and our frame of mind.  I’m certainly not saying that we choose what happens to us, but I am most definitely saying that it is your choice how you react to it.

Therefore, I will challenge all of you to find a grateful buddy.  Here’s what I mean to say.  Find a friend or relative that you can schedule a telephone call once a week and the object of the call will be gratitude.  You will discuss only things you are grateful for.  I have to tell you, folks, this is a lot more fun and heartwarming than you can even imagine until you try it.  I’m not trying to tell you never to complain – actually, I am.  How do you feel when you complain?  As far as I can tell, not much better.  In fact, maybe worse.  So, until you find a grateful buddy, stop all your damn complaining!  Look around – I bet if you make a list of all the things you have to be grateful for, that list will be extensive and fulfilling.

Ahh… to complain, or not to complain.  Please try to remember that it’s a choice.  So, wake up in the morning tomorrow and tell yourself you’re going to have a fabulous day.  Thank God for your family, your friends, and all the other beautiful things in your life.

One thought on “A Grateful Buddy Will Help Your Positive Attitude

  1. So True! If only we can focus on what we DO have than what we don’t we would be so much happier, and personally I don’t like being around complainers, they’re such negative people! Thank you for the article!

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