Non-Sticky Situtation

Well, it’s the Holiday Season officially. Turkey leftovers take up your refrigerator. Santa Clause passed the finish line in the parade. Your favorite radio station has turned into nothing bit Christmas songs. Snow has started its coming and going. And all of a sudden you have an inexplicable urge to bake. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you not to bake. I’m not even going to tell you what to bake, not yet, anyway. I’m simply going to urge you to use sticky pans. Not dirty pans, and they don’t have to be sticky when you use them (in fact clean pans are a must). No, I simply mean toss the teflon. Skip the spray-on PAM or whatever it’s called. Break out the ol’ elbow grease. Grab the gloves and Brillo, if you must. This is not an exercise routine (although scrubbing does wonders for your arms.) This is to save you from gross chemicals being cooked into your food.

If you follow my blogs and/or are a member of our V Well Health wellness program, well then by now you’ve probably worked pretty hard to rid your diet of chemicals and to give your body the nutrition you need. So don’t spoil the effort by cooking with chemicals even if it does make the clean up easier. Teflon is a chemical that causes flu-like symptoms when consumed or inhaled. The EPA also has it listed as suggested carcinogen. Now, in order to inhale it or for it to penetrate your food it has to be heated to 500 degrees. While your food may not ever reach 500 degrees, remember that the teflon is most often coating metal cookwares that can and often do reach extreme temperatures.

Non-stick spray is also a big pet peeve of mine. The nutrition facts on your can of non stick spray will say non fat because of the negligible amount of fat in the serving amount. Truth is that the serving  size is the amount that would come out of the can in 1/3 of a second. Do you have the ability to time your hold that button down for exactly 1/3 second? Remember, the contents of that can are still oil. Oil mixed with chemical ingredients, albeit, but oil none the less. I prefer good old fashioned olive oil or even butter to that yucky spray. Besides the health issues, aerosol cans are, of course, terrible for the environment.

So, don’t be afraid to take the extra five minutes to scrub your roasting pans, cookie sheets, sauce pans and baking dishes. Chances are with a little olive oil you won’t need to really scrub that hard. Seriously, my friends. You put so much effort into reading the ingredients on your food’s packaging and cooking wholesome foods. Don’t allow the inconvenience factor of scrubbing a pan get in the way of creating a Poison Free World for you and your family.


4 thoughts on “Non-Sticky Situtation

  1. Or consider a ‘Misto’ at most retail stores that carry kitchen wares. It allows you to add your own healthy oils and then using a simple pumping action, aersolizes the oil.
    It’s like making your own oil spray. No chemicals or propellants!
    About $9.99, which you’ll make your money back in no time as most sprays are pricey.
    Sorry Vicky, I’d rather be on a walk in nature than scrubbing pans. 🙂

  2. Yikes! I had no idea that PAM was not good. I’ve heard that PAM is healthier than using the thick butter to grease the pan. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • No Problem! Try taking a paper towel with butter/olive oil on it to your pans and applying that way. You’ll get an even spread and you can do a little portion control.
      Thanks for reading!

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