More Power To You!

You’re almost there! I hope this month has given you plenty to keep you occupied. One of the best ways to break a habit is to keep busy! Honestly November might just be the best month for that. First Thanksgiving then the December holidays. I understand starting up a new habit or routine on January 1st, but I don’t understand why anyone would pick that day to quit something. It is so much easier to give up doing one thing when you have a number of other tasks to replace it with!

Yesterday I was at Hackensack University Medical Center and I found out that this week they’re doing a big quitter empowerment day on the campus. I wanted to share that same empowerment with you. Today I’d like to take a little time to talk to you about the advantages of being a non-smoker. There are so many. Quitting smoking is probably the epitome of setting your priorities straight.

First things first. Family time. Do you have children, grand children, brothers, sisters even close friends who don’t smoke? This is the time of year you will begin to appreciate not having to take a break in socializing with your family or friends to go out for that occasional cigarette. You won’t miss special moments. You can be 100% present for the season’s festivities without having that need to excuse yourself every hour or two.

Saving money. When I think about how much money a pack of cigarettes costs these days and then I multiply that by 365, boy oh boy! At 7.50 a pack a person who smokes a pack a day will spend $2737.50 in one year on something that is destroying their health! Imagine what you could do with an extra $2700. You could go on a nice vacation or take classes at the community college. You could sign your child up for dance or horseback riding. You could rid an entire village in Africa of malaria for that much money. There are so many productive uses of the amount of money you’ll save in one year from quitting smoking.

The time you save. The amount of time taken out of someone’s day to smoke 20 cigarettes really adds up. 20 cigarettes  at 8 minutes each is 2 hrs and 40 minutes a day. That’s 973 hours and 20 minutes a year! Now that is really a reason to quit! Think of what you could accomplish in almost a thousand hours! How about everything you say you don’t have time for. You could start a new hobby. Finally make it to the gym. Learn a foreign language! Volunteer at your local animal shelter! Play with your children. Start a blog! You will have so much more free time as a non-smoker.

My intent in writing this is not to make the smokers out there feel bad. My intent was to empower those of you who have quit, are quitting or are thinking about quitting soon. You’ve got this. You can do it. And by golly you’ll be glad you did.

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