A Go-To List

A quick note today.

I remember a visit with a dear friend a while back. We got on the topic of food (as often happens with me.) He proceeded to tell me that he snacks on pretzels.  I then quickly asked him – how dare he – after knowing me for so long?  The obvious question being… Had my opinion of pretzels not rubbed off on him?  The following conversation ensued.

Because of the amount of hours that he works on a daily basis, he suggested to me that he could not find the time to read each and every blog that I send out.  So, he jokingly said – and then, of course, confirmed that he was quite serious – would it be possible for me to put together a list of foods to avoid if only to him to save him a whole ton of research. People often ask me for such lists. I hear all the time that people just want the top ten or twenty foods to stay clear of. So here, without further ado:

  1. Diet drinks
  2. Any food, candy or gum containing aspartame
  3. Pretzels
  4. Any food product containing BHT (most children’s cereal)
  5. Any food product containing food dyes (most children’s cereal and most candy)
  6. Farm raised fish
  7. Canned food (with the exception of a few)
  8. Frozen food (with the exception of a few)
  9. Pre-packaged meals (TV dinners)
  10. Anything with high fructose corn syrup
  11. Anything with MSG
  12. Anything with Sulfites (some dried fruit)
  13. Anything with Nitrates
  14. Fast food (it is not food)

Bacon has gone to $6.00/lb.  It’s too damn expensive and you don’t need cured meats.  So, just to recap, diet drinks are out, lunch meats are out, tilapia is most definitely out, fake candy and snacks are out.  What, you are thinking, has life come to?  What can you enjoy?  Have you made your own sun tea and sweetened it with agave?  Have you baked your own turkey breast and saved money while you’re at it?  Have you had brownies with really great quality chocolate?  Well, explore a little.  Treat your body like a temple and it will level back by looking good and feeling good.

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