Quick and Easy Ways to Get in Shape

Did you know that Cary Grant never exercised a day in his life (my son reminded me just the other day)?  That is to say he never really went to a gym.  What he did do though was tried to live in constant motion.  He was known for being a fast walker and never utilized escalators or elevators.  We should all try to live this way, life is so fast paced that it sure is hard to get to the gym.

If you cannot find the time to make it to the gym, no need to fret.  Below are some very basic exercises you can do on your own and believe you me they will make such a world of difference in your shape.  You know men and women for the most part, have some of the same issues.  So the following exercises will work for both male and female.  Take a few minutes, four or five times a week.  I mean it can be as little as 15 minutes, do these exercises and they can make such a difference in your overall shape for the summer.  Combine these with some fast walking and you’ll be on your way to a tighter, shaplier body.

  • If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, it’s not necessarily a duck.  Not quite sure what I mean, eh?  This exercise is one of the best for both men and women.  Stand straight, spread your feet about two and a half feet apart, squat as far as you can with your back upright.  In fact make sure your head is up looking straight ahead and begin to walk.  Walk forward and then backwards and repeat.  Get the idea?  Walking like a duck is one of the best forms of exercise.  You really don’t have to do it for more than a couple of minutes.  Some people tend to overdo this exercise, please don’t it is not necessary.
  • Squats are great for the bum, make sure to keep your back straight and your head upright.  This great little exercise is great for the tush.
  • Try planks!  Planks are oh so fantastic, especially for the abdominal area.  Please make sure you have running shoes on.  Lay flat on your stomach, raise yourself on your tiptoes.  Basically you will look like a plank.  Rest on your forearms and toes.  Please ensure you keep your back straight and do not sag.  Do a couple of sets of 90 seconds each.  Two or three minutes of this nifty exercise, four or five times a week will do amazing things for your abs.
  • Some people really like pushups, personally I prefer dips.  Whatever is going on with my schedule, I consider these a must do!  Women especially seem to have a hard time with their arms.  You know those butterfly arms that flap in the wind?  Well you can certainly avoid those by doing dips.  When done properly, dips work the whole arm, chest and back.  Find some stairs anywhere inside or out.  Sit on the edge of the step, hands at your sides.  Push your body out, dip down and up.  Begin with just 20 or 30 and work up to 100 at a time.  These will only take you a couple of minutes but if you incorporate them into your busy day you will never be embarrassed to wear a sleeveless top.  By the way guys, these are good for you to do too.

Try one of these or all of them, be like Cary Grant.  Park as far as you can from your destination, walk fast and refuse to use the elevator.

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