Hemorrhoids, Not A Necessary Evil

Hemorrhoids, a modern day problem.  Why modern day?  Well because ages and ages ago, people were far more intelligent or maybe just didn’t have the wealth and the means to buy so many darned foods devoid of fiber.  Those pesky little hemorrhoids…well not so little, but certainly pesky, seem to be the burden of many.  This is a question that comes up a lot.  So I have decided in true David Letterman form to do a top 10 list.  Now before I get on with the list let me just say a couple of things about hemorrhoids.  They are so, so, so, so preventable!  I must point out that hemorrhoids did not plague our ancestors.  Why?  Well, because quite frankly, they ate their whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes!  So follow the right kind of diet my friends and you will avoid certainly pain, and for heaven’s sake surgery as well.

I have decided to give you the top 10 list of foods sure to keep those pesky suckers away, here goes:

10:  Tropical Fruit (Granadilla)

9:  Beans (Navy, White, French, Kidney)

8:  Sunflower Seeds

7:  Nuts (Almonds, Pistachios, Pecans)

6:  Sun-dried Tomatoes

5:  Dry Roasted Soybeans (Edamame)

4:  Flax, Sesame Seeds, and Sesame Butter (Tahini)

3:  Cocoa Powder and Dark Chocolate (70% cacao)

2:  Dried Herbs, Spices, and Peppers

1:  Bran (Corn, Wheat, Rice, Oat)

Now in  addition to this top 10 list, and you probably know what I’m going to say, make sure that  you are drinking plenty of water.  Oh, and by the way, as far as beans go, black beans have an enormous amount of fiber.  Remember, you don’t need huge quantities, just enough to keep you regular.  Sorry, that didn’t sound as funny as I meant it to.  Oh, and by the way, if you seem to be quite musical after your daily dose of beans, try adding a little fresh ginger.  It might do the trick.

Here’s a tip for everyone who is short on time.  Just to make sure that I always have certain foods available to me at work or at home I try to find a few hours on the weekend and make a big pot of beans (my favorite happen to be black beans and garbanzo beans (chick peas).  These are great with just a little extra virgin olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar sprinkled on.  Or, just add some beans to your meals to ensure you have gotten enough fiber.  Looking for a healthy, high fiber snack?  Bran muffins are a great alternative once in a while.  But please make sure, and you know at this point what I will say, that they are preservative free.  These are great muffins to make at home since they are quick and easy.  Oh, and here’s another good tip, when you eat beans make sure everyone around you eats them!

Have a fantastic, healthy day.

Best Regards,


One thought on “Hemorrhoids, Not A Necessary Evil

  1. Hemorrhoids usually are a symptom of dysfunction of the gastro-intestinal system especially liver and gall bladder due to a sluggish portal circulation which causes a back pressure into the veinous system towards the lower extremities. It is imperative to assess the entire function of the gastrointestinal system and the patient’s lifestyle including diet, exercise and environmental toxin exposure etc.

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