Soda POP

I love my job in every aspect. I know it is truly what I was born to do, but one of my favorite parts of what I do from day to day is talking to all of you individually and in person. I love the conversations that I get to have with you. I love the things I learn about you and I love the success stories I get to witness. I am blessed to see the information I’ve gathered to bring to you being put to use and working to make your lives better and healthier! This being said, you should know that most of the inspirations for the daily blogs come from the conversations I have with you. I will gladly address your ideas in person or personal email or phone conversation, but when I hear similar questions resurfacing over and over it stands to reason that more people than just those I speak to must have similar questions and would benefit from hearing the answers.

So today I would like to address what seems to be a common misunderstanding about soft drinks. I have heard repeatedly when I advise people to give up soft drinks the response that they don’t drink unhealthy, dark sodas. They only drink clear soda. Worse yet, many people find it perfectly acceptable to give their children clear sodas under the impression that it is no worse than sugar and sparkling water. It would seem that most people believe clear sodas (while they may not be healthy) are significantly better for us than dark sodas such as Colas. I hate to be the one to “pop” your “bubble” but this is almost entirely inaccurate.

Both dark sodas and light sodas have the same chemical or processed sweeteners and the same artificial flavors. True that dark sodas contain dyes such as caramel coloring, but the high fructose corn syrup is in both not to mention the “lemon-lime” flavor which to me is not even reminiscent of a lemon or a lime. Lord only knows what kind of chemicals are used to create that! In case I was not clear enough I will just come out and say it. All soda that contains dyes, artificial flavors or high fructose corn syrup is bad for your health.

Some people have asked about natural sodas that are made with all natural flavors and sugars or fruit juice concentrates are healthier. I’m hesitant to say it, but yes they are technically less unhealthy, but that doesn’t take much and I would never describe them as healthful! If you or your children absolutely must have fizz, here is what I recommend. Mix equal parts fruit juice (not from concentrate) and sodium free sparkling water. You’re still drinking calories, but they’re calories with vitamins. Just because a soda advertises that it’s made with sugar we often think that it must be healthy. But look at how much sugar is in that soda! A typical 12oz. soda can contains 10-14 sugar packets worth of sugar! Those are not only empty calories, but processed sugars regardless of weather they’re white sugars or corn syrup are something I always advise people to stay away from.

So there. I said it. Just don’t drink soda. Although I know that’s not something people like to hear, it’s something that must be said. Besides, if you drink as much water throughout the day as is recommended you won’t be thirsty for anything else.

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