Have you or someone you know been let go?

So you all know how much I like to use real life stories to illustrate important points. Last Friday evening I was at a wedding (actually it was quite beautiful and everyone had a fantastic time.) Anyway, at this wedding I ran into my dear friend’s daughter. This beautiful young lady in her early twenties is an elementary school teacher. At the end of last school year, I think it was probably the month of March, she was told by her principal that she was being let go. She had only had the position there for one year and was, of course, devastated. When she lost her job she came and met with me and even though she was devastated she was trying to maintained an optimistic outlook. I immediately advised her to read about Joseph in Genesis chapters 36-50. This happens to be one of my favorite stories in the Bible. She took my advice and she informed me that reading that story did lift her mood and give her hope.  If you have some free time, check out the story yourself if you’ve never read it. It might become one of your favorites as it is mine.

Anyway, this young lady maintained an optimistic outlook and most importantly faith that something better was in her future. You see I shared with her as I’m sure many others in her life did, that God had a bigger and better door in store for her. She did the right thing. She did not chose to go down the path of destruction and turn to bad habits or depression. Do not get me wrong here. I’m not trying to say that it was easy. I spoke to her throughout the summer and I know that she had her bad days just as we all do when God is trying to get us to exactly the spot that he has designed us for.

Well, yes, there is a happy ending. You didn’t really think I’d share a story like this if it didn’t have a happy ending, did you? I love weddings, and everything of course about the wedding was special, but my conversation with this young lady at the wedding made it even more special for me. Just before this school year began she had been called by another school district to come in for a series of interviews. She had called to tell me that she had been hired to teach fourth grade there. Well, on Friday evening I asked her how her new position was going and she told me that she was so thrilled she was simply beside herself. She told me the joy that she was feeling practically brings her to tears every single day. She told me her children adore her, the parents adore her, her co-workers adore her, her principal thinks so highly of her he has already given her more responsibility than expected. That, my friends, simply put is God getting you to where he designed you to be.

I know something, actually I know a lot about trials and tribulations. I know that our only choice really is to remain happy and joyful while we are going through them. We really have no choice. The trials and tribulations happen to us for several reasons but whatever the reason ultimately they are especially designed to get you exactly where you were created to be and doing what you were created to do with the exact character and strength that God would like you to have.


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