My Miracle

Since my time at the children’s hospital last week I have spent quite some time soul searching. I must say I actually had an epiphany. You know I have been mulling over my conversation with the physician and gene spec that I spent time with and it seems as if they were so incredibly shocked at not only the recover itself that my eyes have had but also the fact that my sons eyes are 100% perfect. I might add they were so shocked they referred back to their DNA tests several times. When I was asked about the recovery and how it came about, I instinctively replied, “by the grace of god of course.” Hey, ever wonder how to silence a room quickly? Try that response on for size. I have spent the last several days thinking about the recovery of my eyesight and you know, I must say the recovery has been slow but steady. So I thought to myself, what I have here is a progressive miracle, it seems. We forget about those sometimes. I acknowledge I probably do this as much as everyone else. It only seems like a miracle if it happens like (I hate to steal a word from Chef Emeril, but it’s appropriate here) “Bam.” Miracles don’t always have to be a “bam” moment. God is working behind the scenes usually just at the point when we think he isn’t at all. Lest you wonder why I am sharing all of this with you, let me get right to what my point is for the day. I think my progressive miracle, my healing, my recovery, call it what you will, is linked somehow to my work. Now comes my epiphany. Helping others with illness, chronic disease, genetic diseases has become my life. Whether I do it through work, volunteer, in person, or over the telephone thousands of miles away, it is who I am. It has become my life mission to help others with their health issues. I bring this up with you not necessarily because I wanted to talk about my life, but because I think it is an important lesson so many people wait to do something, help others, give money, when it is a good time or when they are ready. Let me tell you about a story I read in a book. There was a young man in Saudi Arabia so incredibly wealthy it is indescribable. He lived an extremely extravagant lifestyle. Once a month however, he brings hundreds of people into the palace who are in need. He personally fills their needs. If they need a car, he purchases a car for them. If they are in need of a house he buys them that house. He supplies every single person’s needs and he does it very often. Is it any wonder that he is so incredibly blessed. That my friends is a giver not a taker. So I suppose that is the point of this blog. Make changes in your life today. Don’t just ask God to fill your needs and answer your prayers. Answer someone else’s prayers and I guarantee that God will in turn answer yours. Don’t wait til you have millions of dollars to bless someone in need. If you cannot share 100 dollars with someone, I know times are tough, offer to buy someone a cup of coffee. Are you ill or is a family member ill and you have been praying for a long time? Offer to help others more sick than you. I guess that is my point. Whatever it is you are asking god for this moment give that very thing to someone else and you will see how quickly god supplies it in your life. are you just looking for a smile or kindness? That’s right you got it. Offer smiles and kindness to anyone who crossed your path today. It is the surest way I know to get a smile back.

4 thoughts on “My Miracle

  1. Vicky I truly agree with you, because it also makes you feel more upbeat. Everyday I try to at least smile at those who cross my path, if not say hello to them. My daughter suffers with IBS-D and gluten intolerance and she also shares that philosophy–do the best you can to help others. She has experienced many small miracles, even though of course we want a big one! Thank you

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