God’s Time

I woke up this morning thinking about the day I had yesterday. I spent the whole day at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. I started the day off with Great expectations. You see, I had an appointment with a renowned physician who is researching and working on Leber’s Disease, the disease I have which causes my blindness. I had an interesting day and I hope it’s okay if I share it with you.

Since you might be wondering what the the outcome was, I will cut to the chase. I will tell you in just the same way Dr. Maguire shared it with me. Dr. Leber was so busy working on diagnosing and researching specific forms of blindness that when he discovered two new diseases he named them both Leber’s disease. So now there are two types of Leber’s disease, one that affects the retina and one that affects the optic nerve. I was diagnosed with the disease affecting the optic nerve, but in Philadelphia, the research and successful treatments all concern the retina. Dr. Maguire stated that the research for the optic nerve is still in the laboratory phases and has only been tested on animals. I told him that even though I did not have a furry tail or four legs, I would gladly volunteer my services in the labs. He wasn’t buying it, however he did however provide me with great information regarding the research that’s being done by medical groups working on “my” Leber’s. The best news is that the main group earnestly working in the therapy is in Florida. Much to my chagrin I may have to fly down to sunny Florida. Oh darn! I hope they finish their research sometime around February.

Some of you may have guessed where I am going with this by now and some of you maybe not. Allow me to share with you what is in my heart. I woke up this morning with the same Great Expectations as I did yesterday. I still believe that God will heal me. Perhaps he has decided it needs to seem a little more miraculous than just some stem cell therapy. Perhaps it will be in Florida. Or maybe the healing will be as sudden as the onset.There’s no way of knowing that, but what I do know is that I trust God and I believe he knows. Do not let what appears to be a setback confuse you. Even the so called “setbacks” are necessary. They work in your life just as they work in mine.

This is important and I cannot forget to mention it. The doctor and the genetic specialist were overwhelmed with amazement at the amount my eyes have recovered. Years ago when I was diagnosed I could barely determine 2 fingers 1 foot away from me. Yesterday, I was reading large letters 10 feet away. They asked me what my recovery was attributed to. I of course let them know that it was by the grace of God. They were also amazed by the fact that both of my sons have Leber’s and yet their sight is perfect. Miraculous? I think so. In fact, I know so. So after spending all day around children who could barely get around, I realized that God has more work for me to do just the way I am now and that I should patiently wait. Some people may think that my knowledge in health and wellness is what helped the recovery along. I would have to say that may be the case. But, even that is by the grace of God.  Remember, God is never early, he is never late but he is always right on time.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13

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