Spit it Out!

It seems the more you research into any subject, the more you realize how much there is to know. I am happy to say that I discover every day more and different ways to take care of the body I was given. Not only do I learn through constant research, but through the people I have the pleasure to interact with on the job. It was just recently that I received an e-mail from another one of our dear friends at ShopRite, Kate, who brought up a subject that I really hadn’t given much thought to. Dental floss. Other than it being a crucially important part of a person’s daily hygiene routine I’d not thought about the health impacts of it’s over all ingredients such as materials and flavorings. Today I wanted to talk about oral hygiene products in general.

So let’s address dental floss. Traditional dental floss often contains petroleum based dies,artificial sweeteners, and chemical flavors as well as carcinogenic ingredients such as Teflon. As was brought up by Kate the gums (especially while flossing) are very absorbent. How many bad ingredients does a daily flosser put into his or her blood stream. Fortunately, there are natural brands of dental floss such as Toms of Maine or Dessert Essence that leave out the nasty chemicals.

Toothpaste! Toothpaste is another product that most people assume is not harmful unless swallowed. Just like you wouldn’t put dirt in your mouth even if you were going to spit it out and rinse even more so you should avoid swishing harmful chemicals. Toothpastes often contain artificial sweeteners, a variety of whitening chemicals as well as flouride (which strengthens the enamel, but has a variety of terrible health impacts.) Not only is there a huge variety natural toothpaste options to be had at your local store, but there is actually a way to make your own all natural toothpaste using only two ingredients. Equal parts coconut oil and baking soda. Coconut oil is anti-microbial and is great for strengthening your teeth. Baking soda is a natural cleaning and whitening agent. It may take sometime to get used to the taste, but it’s a good clean and you won’t need another whitening product.

Mouthwash is another great part of a daily hygiene routine that tends to have nasty ingredients. Fake sugars, as well as several chemicals and dyes that are hazardous to your health. Yes there are natural mouthwash options, but guess what! There’s also a way to make your own with no chemicals that will kill germs as well as freshen breath. Vodka! Yes, believe it or not vodka flavored with essential oils such as lemon and bergamot diluted with water (water 2 to vodka 1) makes a great mouthwash. Just don’t drink it (especially if  you’re driving!)

Listen up. It stands to reason that if a product has a warning that mentions contacting poison control if consumed DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH! As Kate mentioned, you may not be eating it, but you’re absorbing it through your gums. Just because it’s not immediately lethal doesn’t mean it’s good for you! So flash those pearly whites with some natural alternatives to traditional techniques!

One thought on “Spit it Out!

  1. Another great mouthwash: 8-oz. of non-chlorinated water with 1 tsp. baking soda and 4-6 drops of organic peppermint oil. Combine and rinse mouth with.

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