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Bruce was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and was soon prescribed insulin shots by his doctor. In addition to the diagnosis of diabetes another major problem developed and one that was quite cumbersome. Bruce was leaking urine. You can imagine how uncomfortable that problem can be! Now this was quite extraordinary since Bruce is not that old. Obviously something had to be done for poor Bruce and fast. His doctor wanted to prescribe another medication for the incontinence, but I thought there might be a simpler solution for all of Bruce’s ailments. As with all of our clients the first thing I wanted to know about Bruce was his diet. After sitting down and figuring out what Bruce was eating on a daily basis I immediately saw the problem. I was not surprised to find out that Bruce had been eating dog food. That’s right. I am sure that you will all be pleased to hear that the V Well diet and lifestyle works just as well for our furry little friends. Yes, Bruce is a dog. A wonderful companion to one of our dear friends at ShopRite. Let it not be said that VWell doesn’t care just as much about our furry friends as it does about the less furry upright ones. Believe it or not many of us have pets that are in need of some good reliable health coaching as well.

The first thing I advised Bruce’s pal to do for him was to get rid of the dog food and start him on a healthy foods diet. This diet consisted of brown rice boiled in chicken stock sprinkled with turmeric and cinnamon as well as making sure to give him filtered or bottled water. His doctor was skeptical, but after trying the new diet his glucose levels tested at normal and the incontinence stopped! Of course this shocked the vet who immediately jumped on board with the new approach. Now Bruce is eating a rotating diet of sweet potatoes, barley, brown rice all boiled in chicken stock and individually combined with chicken sprinkled still, of course, with cinnamon and turmeric. Bruce is now healthy and happy. We were ecstatic to hear the news of a quick recovery for Bruce and the relief felt by Bruce’s good pal.

At Vwell our goal is to provide nutrition information and health coaching to your family. Your whole family. Please remember that we are here for all of you. We encourage and invite your questions about your health, your kids’ health and yes, even your dogs’!

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