TV Dinners And Such

“A representative tray was placed in the Smithsonian Institution in 1987 to commemorate the tray’s impact on American culture.” (I’ll bet the food is still in there, too!)

TV Dinners – the phenomenon that grew up with television.  Thank you, Swanson Company.

Whose brilliant idea was this, anyway?  Well, the TV dinner was founded by Gerry Thomas in 1954.  So, the TV dinner has celebrated over 50 years.  My… what a treat!  So, now let me get this straight.  It was someone’s brilliant idea to find a way to place food on aluminum trays, douse them with sodium (how’s 850-1200mg ??) and fat, and goodness knows what else, so that we can place ourselves right smack in front of the television, faster than we already do.  Right!

Oh, those precious 30 minutes of television that we would take to actually make ourselves a gourmet meal… Must be one heck of a show!

Ok – I’ll cut the sarcasm out.  But, here’s the scoop.  Are you really eating food that’s been placed into a box filled with sodium rather than a glorious salad with grilled chicken?  These trays, whether they are metal or plastic contain nothing good for you.  So, before you order boxes of food to be delivered to your home, or purchase tons of boxes at the supermarket, if you’re not going to think of your health, for goodness sake, think of the money you would save eating naturally.  Yes, that’s right, so many people think eating natural whole food is pricey.  But, I’ve good news for you… Eating sodium- and fat-laden foods will break the bank and your scale too.

So, I’ll say it again.  If it doesn’t come from the ground or it doesn’t have a mother, don’t eat it, darn it!

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