Was The FDA Sleeping In The Year 2000?

Do you have an ant problem or any pesky little creatures that you are trying to get rid of?  Before I go any further, though, let me remind you that I do not believe in killing or harming anyone or anything.  So, don’t actually try this.  But – what is the quickest way to getting rid of ants?  Well, believe it or not, it might be in your pantry.  Yes, you know those pink little packets of poison that are called Sweet and Low.  Yes – that will do the trick!

These little packets of poison had warning labels up until the year 2000.  What, you ask, were on the warning labels?  Well, cancer, of course.  These packets had a warning that stated that the product caused cancer in laboratory animals and might be hazardous to the user’s health.  Well, what happened in the year 2000, you might ask?  Well, how the heck should I know?  Maybe there was too much paperwork on somebody’s desk.  Maybe the person or persons in charge of the FDA in 2000 all of a sudden decided that saccharin – that has been known to cause cancer in lab animals – has somehow become healthy for us.

Saccharin is the first known artificial sweetener that was discovered in 1878, by Constantin Fahlberg, who was a chemist at the Johns Hopkins University in the United States.  The chemical formula of this sweet, synthetic compound is C7H5NO3S.  The basic compound in saccharin is benzoic sulfimide.

Side effects of this carcinogen are as follows:  depression, joint pain, allergies, diarrhea and headaches.  It is also speculated that Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease may also be among the dangers of saccharin.  I’m sure you can imagine if you are pregnant, what the dangers to the fetus might be.  So, if you are pregnant, I would not suggest saccharin in moderation as many people do.

Here’s the thing – there was a 1977 study that concluded that saccharin was harmful to lab animals.  Then, in the year 2000, there was another study that suggested that it was not conclusive due to the fact that lab animals in 1977 had been fed large amounts of saccharin.  This is where I have a great deal of difficulty.  I like studies and I like research but studies like this annoy the %@!$# out of me.

Here’s what I get out of all these studies.  The answer is – they don’t know how much will kill you.  Is it one packet?  Is it 100 packets?  Is it 1000 packets over a lifetime?  But why are you going to take a chance?  Is it worth it?  I know I get a little nutty, but let’s just say what would happen if we rid the world of all these chemicals and additives?  Does anyone out there think we would find a cure for the diseases we are facing today?  I, for one, am hoping to live a very long, healthy life.  So, I prefer to say no to saccharin and no, I won’t feed it to the ants either!

One thought on “Was The FDA Sleeping In The Year 2000?

  1. Hey V
    loved this, and totally agree about the sweetner and the effects of red meat. Have been off it for a long time and only once in a while will re-introduce tiny amounts because I found that any more than that leaves me lethargic and unproductive.
    be well!

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