Shopping List for the 20 Pounds in 30 Days

A lot of people really seem excited about the diet I wrote about yesterday. Remember to follow every detail of it.  If you can, try to be organized and plan.  For instance, when I tried this, I made sure that on my days off  I used large trays and roasted all of my favorite vegetables.  I used large pots and sautéed lots of leafy greens.  I cut up salads and put them in large Zip-Loc bags in the refrigerator.  I made a big pot of my favorite beans (I happen to love chick peas).  Actually a combo can be quite nice.  Why not boil kidney beans and black beans?  You may want to use beans out of a can, that is certainly OK although I am not a fan.  Just remember when using beans out of a can, strain and rinse extremely well.  Remember it is the beans that will make your tummy full so do not neglect to eat them at every meal.

It is extremely important to drink only black coffee or tea, green tea and large quantities of H2O.  If I may make a suggestion; on your binge day go out and buy just what you can eat that day.  I do not suggest that you buy it as part of  your shopping list and keep it in your house simply to tempt you all week-long until you get to the seventh day.

In case you are wondering my choices for bingeing were Lay’s potato chips, Haagen Daz ice cream and tons of chocolate.  I think I had pizza too.  As promised here is the shopping list to make it easier if you are thinking about trying this diet.  As always I will provide you with a list that coincides with the layout of the supermarket, generally speaking of course.  This list is for one week for one individual.

  • Two or three bunches of leafy greens
  • One head of red cabbage
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Zucchini
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Packages or cans of beans (your choice)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Two cases of water
  • Tw0 boxes of green tea bags
  • One to two dozen organic eggs
  • Two packages of organic chicken breasts
  • Two whole organic chickens
  • Two to Three pounds of your favorite fish (please, no tilapia)

You do not have to completely adhere to this list, especially if you have an aversion to anything on it; simply substitute something else.  I included red cabbage because I know a lot of men are going to try this diet and red cabbage is especially important for men’s health.  I included garlic and onions, use those to season your veggies.  Why not roast the whole chickens in the oven with lots of seasonings at 425 degrees for an hour and a half?  As far as the chicken breasts and the fish, why not season and grill on your day off?  You can eat the eggs any style, hard-boiled, scrambled, omelette…your choice.  Do not use butter, only use extra virgin olive oil for sautéing.  Try balsamic vinegar or lemon to season your veggies.  Remember to sip on your green tea throughout the day, please make your own.  Don’t forget, lots of water will aid in your weight loss.

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