Exfoliate To Great Skin

Well, we’ve talked about how to be beautiful from the inside out and now that you know what it takes, do you know what the secret to luscious, creamy, soft skin is?  Exfoliate, baby!

Exfoliants are your friend.  The loofah is your friend.  In fact, exfoliate every day or at least every other day.  Step out of the shower, while still moist, and immediately lather up with extra virging olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil or Lubriderm.

Here are some great, natural tips for exfoliating.  Try these:

  • Take a packet of sugar (raw sugar works the best), add a couple of drops of olive oil to create a spreading condition, and gently rub it into the creases of your face.
  • Open a packet of instant oatmeal, mix it with water, and create a paste.  Rub this mixture into your face, and rinse off the residue.  I would suggest that you use instant oatmeal on your face and the traditional old-fashioned oatmeal to exfoliate the entire body.
  • Rub sea salt all over both your body and face.  You’ll love its invigorating effects.
  • Coffee grounds, believe it or not this is an excellent scrub.  Combine coffee grounds with a littel bit of extra virgin olive oil, a small amount of turmeric and kosher salt.  Use this mixutre all over your face and body.  You will be amazed at how smooth it makes your skin feel.

In an effort to maintain full disclosure, I must say, I do resort to using Apriscrub sometimes, by St. Ives.  But, my favorite is probably the coffeee grounds.  Unfortunately it’s a lot easier to travel with the Apriscrub than coffee grounds.

Remember, since we’re talking natural, try to use extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil instead of baby oil and Lubriderm.  Whatever you use remember to always moisturize when exiting the shower for smooth, silky skin.

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