A Time to Bathe

I guess Dr. Oz must have talked about this recently because a few people asked me my opinion on bathing.  Here are some important things that you should know regarding bathing:

  • The worst thing for your skin is a hot steamy shower, the way that I test the water is that if it feels good on my face the temperature is good for my body.  The temperature of the water should never be too hot.  I know people think this feels good but it will eventually dry out your skin very badly.
  • Try not to bathe too often, yes it is true, do not shower constantly; it is bad for your skin.
  • When you do shower however, exfoliating is a good thing.  Remember, natural is always best (I think tomorrow I will send out a blog on natural exfoliants.)
  • Never, ever use soap on all of your body, you should only be using soap on places where there may be an oder.  The use of soap will of course dry out your skin.  It is quite unnecessary to lather up your whole body.
  • Remember to hydrate as soon as exiting the shower, extra virgin olive oil is great.  One of my assistants just recently purchased extra virgin coconut oil by mistake (I only eat raw coconut oil) therefore I have planted it in my bathroom to use as a moisturizer on my skin.
  • By the way, washing your hair every day is really unnecessary and quite bad for the hair, try not to.  Also, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are great for the hair.
  • This does not really relate to showering but I wanted to point it out anyway.  Why are you all washing your faces in the morning?  Unless you were out digging ditches in the middle of the night please refrain from washing your face.  Instead, simply rinse with water or milk.

Try to ensure not to dry out your skin.  Oh, and please remember, all of the above is especially important for babies.

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