Not So Well Known Myths About Diabetes

Some of this information may surprise you. Most of you think diabetes, alas most of you think sweets. Not strictly so, my friends even if you do not have diabetes you should certainly read this blog.

  • Did you know that whether you eat oil or vegetable oil can make a difference? Shockingly enough the type of fats in your diet play a huge and quite possibly the main role in developing diabetes. Fatty acids (yes those glorious omega 3’s again) cling differently to our body’s cells than bad fats (saturated and trans fats) The bond created by good fat is hard and repels glucose. Bad fats create an absorbent (and jiggly coating) on our cels that sucks in the glucose in amounts our body cannot process correctly. This means that eating the correct fats can actually prevent diabetes. So much for artificial sweeteners being the answer.
  • Watch your sugar intake. Not only is processed sugar a waste of calories, but overconsumption of processed sugar is famously linked to diabetes. You don’t eat sweets, you say? You don’t have to. Read the ingredients on things like bread, peanut butter, sweet beverages, even things like certain brands of soy/almond/coconut/ and rice milks, crackers, snack foods, certain yogurts and cereals (cold and hot.) All of these things and many more are likely to contain processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup. Even things that say sweetened with cane sugar contain processed sugar. White sugar is considered a pure cane sugar and is almost as harmful and just as empty of a calorie as corn syrup.
  • Eat small meals. Eating small, healthy meals throughout the day helps the body process your food more easily. Since diabetes is often the inability of the body to break down food correctly, therefore not absorbing sufficient nutrients, it stands to reason that whatever we can do to help our bodies out we should do. One of these things is not overloading the system. Therefore stop supersizing. If you could see the amount of food I eat in a day to give my body the nutrients I think it needs you’d be shocked. If I divided that food into 3 meals, no matter how healthy, my body would have extreme difficulty in processing all of it and it would likely lead to complications. That is why it is better to eat four or five times a day and allow your body to absorb all it can of the nutrients you’re feeding it.
  • Get the right proteins. People often think that diabetics shouldn’t have carbs and should eat as much protein as possible. Not true, although protein is super important.  Remember what we said about the wrong fats, though? Many proteins contain the fats that are important to avoid. Eating lean proteins, especially low mercury fish and eggs (which are both high in the good fats) can be incredibly beneficial. Vegetables have protein too. While most people think that the best way to get protein is to eat a steak, this is entirely false. While a steak might have a higher protein content than cauliflower (which is surprisingly high in protein itself) your body will actually absorb more protein from vegetables than from difficult to digest meats. Beans (technically legumes) are chock full of protein and significantly easier to digest than hamburger.

Important things to remember related to diabetes:

  • Never ever drink soda, especially diet soda. Any diet drink is out also.
  • Never ever consume energy drinks!
  • Many people I meet with Diabetes try to stay away from carbohydrates. Don’t forget how important complex carbs are in your diet. A great whole grain to include is qinoa. It is loaded with protein.

I simply cannot close out this blog without reassuring you that type 2 diabetes can be cured and it can be cured quicker than you think. It is critical, however, that if you are trying to make life changing decisions regarding your diet that you have the proper information to work with. Here is my advice to anyone with type 2 diabetes: please, for heaven’s sake, cut out the processed foods, get rid of the diet sodas, eat tons of fruits and veggies, plenty of beans and nuts. There is no reason for you, who is trying to cure diabetes, to consume enormous amounts of meat and dairy. Just Saying.

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