Painfully Sweet.

I must warn all of you, if you are going to continue reading this blog it might be extremely difficult to get through. I suggest however you grin and bear it. I consider all of the blogs I write to be important and informative. This blog however could save your life or the life of someone you know.

A couple years ago, when I had more time, I used to do a weekly TV show in Princeton for Public Access Television. I interviewed a young architect who was stricken with aspartame poisoning. So I was up close and personal to someone whose life had been close to ruined by aspartame. I am one of those health nerds who has done a significant amount of research on artificial sweeteners and know the symptoms related to toxic levels quite well.

Sometimes even after a brief conversation with someone I can pinpoint the symptoms of aspartame poisoning. This happened again recently which is why it is at the forefront of my thoughts. Several days ago I met with a young woman who had been diagnosed first with Multiple Sclerosis then Fybromyalgia and now she is on medications for migraines and she has been told by her physicians that they have no idea what is ailing her. This young woman has spent the last two years of her life undergoing a great deal of testing and has been told that she has a great deal more testing to look forward to. Fortunately, she may be able to avoid any future testing. And you see, her symptoms equate to what is considered to be toxic levels of aspartame in her body. I would like to share with you what those symptoms are and then go into further detail. Her symptoms are migraines, fainting and dizziness, hand shaking, blurry sight, problems with memory, pain in muscles and joints. One of these symptoms would not have been enough but the combination of symptoms were plenty to immediately question her about her food and drink. As it turns out she is ingesting an enormous amount of aspartame. After discovering this, I asked her to please stop. She has already contacted me and shared that in a matter of days she is feeling better. This is a fortunate girl. Sometimes it is caught early enough so that the symptoms will dissipate just as quickly as they began. I warned you that this would be a difficult blog, so prepare yourself. The following list of symptoms have also been known to be caused by aspartame poisoning.

Depression, anxiety, irritability, memory loss, migraines, impaired motor skills, tremors, facial pain, extreme fatigue or extreme hyperactivity, skin lesions, loss of taste, leg swelling,  painful urination, ulcers, permanent brain damage, aspartame addiction as well as birth defects in gestating infants.

It would be irresponsible of me to close out this blog without informing you that aspartame has been linked to dementia, Alzheimer’s, brain cancer and birth defects.  If aspartame does not yet make you as angry as it makes me then allow me to suggest that you take an hour to view If you don’t quite get the seriousness of aspartame yet, this documentary is sure to save your life. This blog may seem harsh to you, my friends, but it is one that is quite necessary. Let us all take a step in the right direction and remember if you are not using aspartame, make an effort to help someone else that might be. You could save a life.

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