I usually recommend this nifty little supplement for pain in the knees. Allow me to tell you about the extraordinary benefits of pine bark (pycnogenol, extracted from the French Maritime Pine Tree.) For many years I have been suggesting pine bark to anyone with arthritis in the knees. One of it’s most basic benefits in the human body is improving the health and effectiveness of the capilaries (the smallest of our body’s blood vessels.) With more or all of your body’s capilaries up and running, your blood is expanding fewer large passage ways and making use of several small ones. It’s like clearing up traffic by opening up side roads that run alongside the highway. Thus with the more even distribution of blood in the body it helps prevent swelling around worn joints. It is a great sololution for Osteoarthritis, but in addition to this, I think I should inform you about all of it’s other magical qualities.

This natural supplement aids in helping people suffering from tinnitus, you know, that awful ringing and hissing in the ears that most people do not know what to do about. Since Pine Bark is one of the most effective supplements for naturally improving blood flow and Tinnitus is caused primarily by lack of or irregular blood flow to the ear, researchers and many physicians now recommend Pine Bark as an aid in quieting that terrible hissing and ringing. So no, when you’re ears ring it does not mean people are talking about you somewhere. It does, however, mean you should pick up some Pygnogenol at the health food store on your next trip.

Are you approaching menopause? Well, you may be thanking your lucky stars for this nifty little supplement. Did you know that pine bark is now being shown to help decrease the severity of the thirty-three most common menopause side effects? Including: hot flashes, night sweats, and sporadic periods. It has been said that women that begin taking 100 mgs a day at the earliest sign of approaching menopause  have a shorter much easier transition all the way through.

I cannot close out this blog without mentioning hypertension. Remarkably enough pine bark, the same natural remedy for arthritis, menopause and tinnitus can also ease Hypertension, in other words reduce high blood pressure. Because it is such an aid in easing your blood’s flow, Pycnogenol increases the ease with which your cardiovascular system transports blood around your body. It decreases the stress that is put on the artery walls by hypertension and can drastically reduce a very high blood pressure.

It is not necessarily about medications compared to natural supplements or vice versa. I recognize there is a time and place for medications. That being said, however, we should all remember that before we turn to pharmaceuticals there might just be a natural solution that will do the trick. I’m just saying. You know you can always try the natural suppliment. If it ain’t workin’ then you turn to the hard stuff.

In all seriousness, folks. There are some amazing natural supplements. Pine bark is one of them. Try it. I think you will be amazed by the benefits. Some of you have asked if you can just nosh on pine needles. Not the same thing, folks. Do this only when you cannot locate your dental floss.


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