Herbs and SuchThat Ease the Mind

It seems we live in a world that is heavily medicated, over diagnosed, or misdiagnosed. I know that there are many individuals who are in need of and greatly benefit from prescription drugs. That being said, however, allow me to offer the following for you to think about. I know sometimes we are given no choice but to turn to prescriptions. Before you, a family member, or a friend resort to drugs please consider the following natural remedies. From depression to ADHD, sometimes a natural remedy may do the trick. Why not check out the below list and give them a good ‘ol college try.

  • St John’s Wort, with a name like that it’s hard to imagine that this plant can actually help with mood disorders. While it is commonly given to women to help with hormonal balancing, studies have shown it to be very effective in treating and alleviating depression. In some countries such as Germany, doctors actually write their patients prescriptions for the herb. In this country, however you can get it over the counter and actually in many grocery stores (in tea form.) In addition to helping raise serotonin levels, this wonder flower also helps relieve some symptoms of anxiety disorder and has also been known to aid in treating alcoholism. I personally would recommend consumption of St John’s Wort tea instead of supplements. This just seems safer to me than long term use of the supplements. If your physician, however, recommends the supplements, by all means give them a try.
  • Chamomile, while it is most commonly in our country as a sleep aide, Chamomile has a wide variety of benefits in its petals. The most outstanding of its many benefits is the affect it has on stress and anxiety levels. The combination of its relaxing properties and the break you take to enjoy a cup of chamomile tea might help you through some situations that you thought only a Valium could. In addition to calming the nerves it is also useful as a topical aid to speed the healing of cuts and bruises. There are no side effects to drinking chamomile tea. I know some people think there are, but I must insist there really are not! After all, I have been drinking chamomile tea daily for the majority of my lifetime and I think I’m quite normal, That’s what I think anyway.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, What don’t they do? I will tell you, these are the busiest little guys in our diets. Omega-3 has been shown to greatly help with depression and bipolar disorder, as well as balancing a variety of other mood disorders, but perhaps most interesting of its psychological is the affect it has on ADD and ADHD. In recent studies it was shown that children diagnosed with either ADD or ADHD and fed diets rich in Omega-3’s or given supplements showed significantly fewer symptoms. The side effects of eating foods rich in these fatty acids compared to the side effects of prescription drugs like Ritalin? Let’s just say added memory capacity and clearer skin, verses tremors.
  • Accupuncture, It’s one of those treatments that you still hear people saying they don’t believe in. Well guess what, not only does it exist, but it works and for a lot of what ails ya. Acupuncture has been known to help with anxiety, depression, phobias, obsessive behaviors, eating disorders, addictions, even lack of confidence! Talking to an acupuncturist and being open about your specific needs can help them target areas to work on. Why not try? The side effects are non-existent compared to prescriptions to treat the same things. And this is the one thing that you can’t say is more difficult that taking a daily regimen of medications

As I stated these are simply ideas for you to think about. They are not intended to be used against the advice of a physician. They are merely suggestions and alternatives that could be quite beneficial.

2 thoughts on “Herbs and SuchThat Ease the Mind

  1. Thank you so much for these! I have known about these options for many years and wish more people knew about and used them. As you said, there are so many people who deal with these things. I work as a behavioral consultant for children with emotional and behavioral issues. Many have anxiety and depression. I, myself, have an aromatherapy soap from Bath and Body Works that is good to help you go to sleep. It has root of chamomile in it. It smells heavenly and always helps me fall right to sleep. Thanks for offering up these options and talking about something that is often avoided as taboo.

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