Fail Big!

Fail big! Fail a lot! I am serious, folks. If you’re going to fail make the failures incredibly big. Struggle breeds success most times. One thing is for darn sure, most people are not successful without tremendous struggles in their past. Remember, when I say success I do not necessarily mean financial success. Success to me can mean many things. Certainly, it is living out one’s purpose in life.

God has a plan for everyone and everyone has a purpose here. Happiness is based on many things, but I think real happiness cannot be attained without determining and living out one’s purpose in life. Purpose is that one thing that you were placed here on Earth to do. Your purpose is the one thing that you do best. Purpose is not always as clear as it should be and surely not as easy as some people make it sound. After all, it only took me 25 years to realize mine. One thing is for sure, though, it may take years, it may take a lot of time, but God will eventually guide you into your purpose. The struggles that you live through to reach that purpose are only building your character, my friends. Never fret about the struggles. Embrace the struggles as if they are notches on your character belt.

As I write this blog I am thinking of many conversations I have had recently. Many of you have shared with me that I seem as if I love what I do and I do it quite well. You are quite right. I adore what I do. Helping people with their health and wellness is most assuredly not what I personally consider to be work. That being said, the trials and tribulations I lived through were quite severe and extremely difficult, but my faith in God provided me with the strength and courage to continue on the path of my true calling.

How is it that some of us can determine our real purpose? It is usually that thing that you do best, that which you do better than most people, and that which you would do even as a volunteer. Sometimes we miss our real purpose in life because we are embracing other people’s dreams for us. Remember, you can live out your real purpose whether you are a teacher, a plumber, or a cashier. Also, remember that God has placed you in those positions for a reason. I had a lovely conversation with a dear friend on Friday evening. She said something profound that I would like to share with you. We were in the midst of just this very topic and she blurted out, “it is easy to determine what God’s purpose is for your life if your premise is to share God’s love with everyone that comes into your life.” I hope that sounds as profound as it is intended. Think about it, my friends. If every moment of every day we share love and joy with every human being that crosses our path we are truly living out what we have been called to do. When your sheer existence is based on love and joy in your heart it is far easier to determine your true calling wherever you are and whatever you might be doing.  If you are hoping to succeed look at your failures. The greater they are, the closer you are getting. So have faith, persevere, and embrace your dreams.

5 thoughts on “Fail Big!

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