Let’s make this test open book.

In my recent visits with clients there have been a great many questions, actually fantastic questions that have come up. I would like to share these questions and my answers with all of you so that we may all benefit.

Q. Is it ok to freeze water bottles?

A. Based on all of my own research, I would suggest that you do not freeze your water bottles. In fact it is my opinion that it is safest to never reuse water bottles. Do not freeze them, do not reuse them, do not allow cases of water to sit in your trunk. The BPA in water bottles has been linked to many health issues. It is simply safest to drink from them and recycle them, oh and please remember to remove the caps and recycle separately. If you are wondering why freezing is not safe, research conducted has demonstrated that the BPA can leak faster into the water after any drastic temperature change.

Q. Is is ok to give tap water to your animals?

A. Well, I suppose if you drink tap water the answer is yes. But if filtered water is your beverage of choice then why pray tell would you not provide your furry little friend with the sameĀ privilege?

Q. Are there any healthy pretzels?

A. I’ve mentioned in the past the lye dip process on traditional pretzels. Lye is a chemical that is officially lethal in large doses and toxic in smaller ones. Is there a way around giving up on pretzels entirely? I think organic may be safe. I think some companies who claim to make “homemade” pretzels may be safe. Take it from someone who actually used to like pretzels. Once I found out about the process by which they are made I decided never to indulge. I suppose at this point they all just make me nervous.

Q. Is instant oatmeal ok?

A. No. And here’s what I have to say about instant oatmeal: please compare the ingredients. I think you will be surprised once you see the lengthy list of ingredients on instant compared to regular oatmeal. What is is in regular oatmeal, you say? Just one ingredient, baby: rolled oats.

Q. Are organic baby carrots ok?

A. As I’ve mentioned in the past, baby carrots are washed in chlorine as a means to keep them looking and tasting fresh without their peel. As far as whether or not organic carrots are treated the same way, I’m just not sure and since I am not sure I like to play it safe and cut and peel my own.

Q. Is Boost ok to drink?

A. Nope! Well allow me to clarify. Drink it only if you like drinking water, sugar, chemicals, oh and yeah a small percentage of vitamins. Clear enough for you?

Q. Is Sparkling Ice good to drink?

A. I have heard recently some people are drinking this because it does not contain aspartame which is in many other drinks. Did you know, though, that it contains sucralose and lots of other chemicals? I know it’s hard, folks, but please read ingredients. In this day an age we simply cannot afford to make assumptions.

Many more questions remain for me to blog about – look for them over the next several weeks. Remember, I always look forward to hearing from you. Let me know when you would like my opinion on something.

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