Looking For Someone Special?

How do you know when you are with “the one?” Maybe because it’s summer, actually I’m not sure why, but recently this question has come up quite a bit. I have been asked by several people how to absolutely know if you are with the love of your life. Well since you have asked I will give you my opinion and please remember that it is just that, only my opinion. Also please remember, this blog does not apply to you if you are married. This is only for the folks who are not married yet.

Does your gut talk to you? Well sure it does and you had better listen. I’ve had many conversations recently with folks thinking about getting married and here is some of the advice that I gave to them. Always listen to your gut and if you are not sure what your gut is telling you then listen to your brain. “How’s that?” you say? First and foremost spend some time alone close your eyes and visualize your future. Is that person you’re with currently in your future? Do you see the two of you bright and happy in the future? I know it sounds kind of cheesy. But it works. When I ask people to do this sometimes they close their eyes and simply do not see a happy future with the one they are with.

Secondly, and this is kind of hard I know, imagine the world is coming to an end in 30 days. Is that person you are currently seeing the person you search out to spend your last 30 days with? If if the answer is no, run for the hills. As strange as it sounds this really does ring true. If you close your eyes and really think about only having 30 days lfeft on this beautiful green earth, who would you most want to spend it with? If your answer is not your current love interest then by all means get interested in someone new.

Obviously my friends, your answer goes deeper than this, but I must say too often people do not listen to their gut. I think many people end up moving forward more out of habit and expectation than a wise choice about their future. Listening to your gut and posing these questions may help you decide about your future soul mate. One thing is for sure, though. If you are asking the question, I’m not so sure you haven’t decided already. Perhaps you are just afraid of the answer. Keep in mind also, opposites may attract, but often later detract.

Important note, this is my humble opinion and this does not ever pertain to you if are already married. That my friends, will be entirely different advice.

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