Autism and Early Diagnosis

Early diagnosis related to Autism is quite crucial. In fact, it can make a world of difference. There sure is a lot of controversy regarding Autism and the causes of. It is not my intention to discuss the causes today except to state that many people believe that immunizations play a huge role. Some people believe environmental factors play a part. I am sure some people believe what a woman eats when she is pregnant has a lot to do with many issues. Speaking of food, it is important to point out that a child with Autism needs to be very careful about eating a very healthy diet. That is also for another blog, however. I have been asked quite a bit at some of the seminars recently to discuss the diagnosis. since early diagnosis is so important, I decided to blog about it. Therefore, here is what most child psychologists tell you to watch out for as signs of autistic behavior:

  • Avoiding interactions, such as peekaboo, cuddling, eye contact, being held even by parents and close friends and family
  • Reduced ability to make friends
  • Inability to relate to others (will not show concern when someone is hurt or respond when someone is laughing/smiling)
  • Decreased sensitivity to pain and temperature
  • Lack of or heightened sensitivity to noise or light
  • Self harming or self injurous behavior
  • Easily bothered by textures of food
Please don’t panic, however, if your child exhibits one of these symptoms. This is merely to inform you that if your child exhibits many of these symptoms it might really be best to make an appointment with your pediatrician and share your concerns. Please remember that early diagnosis is key and please also remember the power of prayer.

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