Value in Vinegar

The Value in Vinegar

What do I mean by this?  Want to lose weight, need an astringent for your face, a remedy for warts, a way to lower your blood pressure, an aid in repair of sunburn, or a solution to dandruff?  I love, love, love vinegar!  Apple cider vinegar absolutely does all these wonderful things that I stated above.  As if all this is not enough, vinegar is just downright tasty besides being healthy!

For me balsamic vinegar is my go-to ingredient.  It makes so many things tastier.  Instead of salt, bottled dressings, terrible garbage out of what appear to be sauce bottles, make your own dressing.  Why?  Because all it contains is balsamic, mustard, honey, and olive oil.  Here’s my point with this blog… vinegar is so wonderful; learn how to use it as your go-to ingredient.  It’s full of flavor, free of chemicals, and so beneficial.  For the love of vinegar, try it folks!


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