Ew! Gross! Part 2!

Recovered from yesterday?

As promised, prepare yourselves, I will gross you out again today. Listen, my friends these are things you may be unaware of or simply don’t think about. From a gal’s mascara to a guy’s razor. I plan to arm you with the cold hard facts and you do with them what you will. Without further ado, the gross news begins.

  • Makeup – Ladies, especially your mascara and liquid eyeliners. No one loves a dark, damp spaces like infection causing bacteria and no space is as light proof as a closed container of black, gooey makeup. Like it or not bacteria can get in anywhere and they don’t require much as far as oxygen, so no matter how tightly you screw the top on to that tube it is important to regularly change mascaras and eyeliners to avoid eye infections and irritations. You may have noticed that an old mascara changes in smell. Now you know why.
  • Razors – Men, you are not excluded in this message. Using the same razor week after week? Where do you think those little hairs go? Not to mention the skin cells you exfoliate. Well sure some of them fall out the back side of the blade area, but a lot actually collects between the blades combining with your soap or shaving cream that helps hold in moisture in those dark, tight spaces. So what is naturally going to move in? You guessed it, bacteria and mildew. You can’t blame them. They have to live somewhere, too! Just make sure you replace your razor regularly and you won’t run into each other as often.
  • Face cloths – I guess this goes without saying at this point, but I’ll say it anyway. The cloth you use to wash your face not only removes your excess skin cells, but also mucus particles from around your nose, mouth, and eyes. I don’t, I’m sure, have to go into all of the specifics. It should be pretty self explanatory by now, but please. Use it once and put it in the wash. You’ll be doing your face a favor.
  • Your toothbrush – Lastly and perhaps most often overlooked is that thing you use to clean the bacteria out of your mouth everyday. Your toothbrush simply gets rinsed quickly with water and often stashed in a dark cabinet still wet. It is recommended to keep your toothbrush where it can air out well like the counter top and to rinse it thoroughly with hot water after each use. Just be careful! It is also recommended that if that counter is in close quarters with your toilet, lower the lid before you flush (a good habit to be in anyway to keep some unpleasant things from circulating).

I have decided to take pity on you and end it here. I promise to wait before giving you gross facts like this again. These are just enough to get you thinking and arm you with good information. Sorry for the creepy facts. Somebody has to do it.

Make it a healthy, fantastic day,


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