Gross facts everyone should hear about (but may not want to)

Dust mites, mildew, bacteria: I hate to bring these up but I must. It ocured to me recently that there are many household and personal items that are utilized excessively and they certainly should not be. We think about things like washing out clothes and taking showers to cleanse our bodies but sometimes perhaps we overlook the things that may not be so obvious. I apologize if the following makes you cringe, but I think at the end of the day you’ll be happy to be informed. At least I hope so anyway.

  • Bath Towels – I know that many people reuse their bath towels, but really you should not. The moisture that develops in bathrooms each time we shower combined with the dampness from our skin accumulates on our bath towels and mixes with dead skin cells to create a friendly habitat for mildew and bacteria. You may think that that towel is clean because you used it on your freshly cleaned self, but by the second use what you can’t see on that towel you don’t want touching you.
  • Sheets and pillow cases – A pillow or mattress is such ideal real estate for little crawling creatures that within the first two years of use they’re already about one tenth made up of dead dust mites and dust mite droppings. There is no exterminator great enough to rid your house entirely of the little fiends, but regularly washing your sheets and pillow cases in hot water and airing and sunning your pillows makes your bed a little less welcoming to them. They love dark, damp, and cool spaces and hate sun, fresh air and hot water.
  • Hot tubs – I know most of us don’t have one in our own home but I wanted to bring this to your attention because a lot of us do go to hotels and vacation spots where there are hot tubs so in my effort to make you as knowledgeable as possible, here goes: Since  the pipes behind hot tub jets are horizontal the water remains stagnant in them for as long as they are off. As you can imagine, dead skin cells and whatever else came off of your body rests there and feeds bacteria. When tested by microbiologist 43 out of 43 privately owned hot tubs were found filled with bacteria and over 1/3 were contaminated with Staph bacteria. Relaxing in that? No thank you.
  • Kitchen sink – That place where you wash your dishes and vegetables you’d probably think is pretty clean, huh? Believe it or not the average kitchen sink is far filthier than the average toilet. Think about it, you disinfect your toilet regularly, the kitchen sink often only gets rinsed. With the food particles that build up there it’s like spreading out a buffet for bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella. So please, before you place your fresh picked veggies in there to be washed, disinfect your sink.

I wanted to inform, but of course not gross you out too much. I had much more to say. I think I shall stop right here and continue the gross facts tomorrow.  I am sure the amount of gross you want to hear about in one day is limited. Tomorrow get ready to hear about, you might have guessed, makeup! (and for you guys, your razors. )

Still, have a healthy and fantastic day!

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