Bye-Bye fibroids.

As I do quite often, I would like to share a personal story with you. Immediately following the birth of my second child it turned out that I had developed fibroid tumors quite large, I suppose. I was in Germany at the time and my physician there suggested surgery. I can be pretty stuubborn at times, therefore I said, “no.” I spoke with a couple of other physicians who informed me that quite often immediately following pregnancy women can develop fibroids. 

I decided not to have the surgery and instead I turned to a drastic change in my diet. I became a vegan for a couple of years. The very next time that I had a check up these fibroids had shrunk to a point that they were not an issue. I was so gratelful I had opted out of  the surgery. I thought I should blog about this because over the last several weeks I have had many women sit down with me and ask me my opinion on fibroid tumors. First and foremost, they are extremely common. Secondly, I cannot give you an answer on what I think about surgery and fibroids. I am, however, happy to share my own personal experience if only to demonstrate that surgery is not always 100% necessary. I’m sorry I know that’s not an answer, but I certainly cannot tell anyone else whether or not they should have surgery. I can share with you that my tumors shrunk and then simply disappeared. Was that due to my living a vegan lifetsyle for a couple of years? I guess I cannot ever be certain, but if I was a betting gal (unfortunately I am not) I would bet on diet and not coincidence.

That being said, let’s talk about some of the facts. Here is what our research has shown us. There are specific causes regarding fibroids that co-relate directly to diet and lifestyle.

  • Vitamin E deficiency is a leading cause if fibroid tumor growth. This vitamin is a plant based nutrient that is found in high concentrations in foods like raw sunflower seeds, raw almonds, papaya and spinach. Delicious ways to get an essential nutrient, don’t you think? So eat those tasty foods and fight those tumors.
  • Not surprisingly, low physical activity can lead to fibroid tumor growth. Exercise routines that incorporate aerobics speed up the heart rate and improve circulation lowering your risk of developing fibroids as well as making your body a hostile environment for them to stay in.
  • Since pregnant women are proned to developing fibroid tumors it stands to reason that a diet high in the hormone estrogen would also play a huge part in the growth and development of fibroids. Estrogen occurs naturally in most meats but additional estrogen is  actually added to a lot of these foods that most people eat every day. Chicken and beef cows are supplemented with estrogen to increase the size of certain cuts of meat (chicken breasts and thighs) as well as speed up milk production. This is why it is important to eat either hormone free chicken and meat or, if you chose, none at all.

Like many women, I had an issue with fibroids immediately after pregnancy a few years ago ( just kidding about the few years of course.) Actually, it was more like 22 years ago. I met so many women recently who really wanted my opinion on surgery and I am sorry that I cannot say yes or no to surgery for you. I can however give this my own personal story. Hope this helped to give you some ideas on what you might do or recommend to your friends and family.

2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye fibroids.

  1. Is there data on the rate of fibroids in the vegan community and or cultures/religions that forbid meat eating?

    • What a fantastic question! Yes, indeed diets with higher meat consumption of meat definitely coincide with higher incident of fibroids. Thanks for reading and thanks for your questions.
      Be Well.

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