That Made Me So Mad!

Well, I would really like to take some time to share some of what I’ve been struggling with lately. We all have different struggles, but I think most of us struggle with many of the same issues. I have had some of the best times and some of the worst times of my life in the last few years. I’m not sure if any of you can relate, but I sure do think that sometimes when you’re trying so hard to do something good and helpful there are likely some nearby with not your best interest at heart.

I found myself over the last several weeks dealing with a few people who had made me quite angry, I must admit. My standard answer to people problems is just to pray for anyone who initiates angry feelings in my heart. I would like to be candid with you, however. I struggled with that this past week. I continuously found myself angry and questioning how I would relate to specific situations in the upcoming weeks.

I have decided to share the input I received over the last week. It might help you as much as it has helped me. Last week I was having a very deep and intense conversation with my cousin in which I commented on how extraordinary it is that when one is trying especially hard to do good they are often confronted with snakes in their midst. He said something so profound that I found myself pondering it even later. He said, “Many of us have snakes around us, but we are living right as long as we don’t behave like rats.” Wow! This kind of puts it in perspective, doesn’t it? I thought about this for days but still I admit I struggled.

On Sunday morning, I found myself on my knees asking God to guide me and help me to deal with anger so that it did not make me bitter. Then, I went to church and realized that God always finds a way to answer your prayers. Pastor Qwynn gave such a powerful sermon on, you guessed it, dealing with people even when we’re angry. Strange, huh? Not so much really because this is exactly how God works. Back to the message, though. This is what was so important about what I walked away with from church yesterday. It is absolutely normal to feel anger. It’s how we deal with it, however, that determines our character. You see, what I was reminded of yesterday was that we will of course get angry, but we must always maintain integrity and honor. The point is, you can confront an individual who has made you angry, but always come from a place of truth and demonstrate with your words that they have hurt you. Then you can explain that while they are not to behave in the same way again, you will still forgive them. This, folks, is dealing with anger in bad situations with love in your heart (which is ever so difficult), but as I was reminded yesterday God may get angry at us, but he does forgive us, doesn’t he? As Pastor Qwynn so eloquently stated, “You must deal with all people through love and honor on this level in order to get to the next level.”

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