What Is As Good As Eating Petroleum Jelly?

Here’s my question to you.  What’s in shoe polish that is also in ice cream?  What substance do they use to de-ice planes before takeoff and is in Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Bars?  Yeah, did I just go there?  I did!

Think this isn’t true?  Check out an additive called carrageenan which is by FDA standards, a natural additive because it comes from seaweed.  Carrageenan is a commonly used food additive that is extracted from red seaweed by using powerful alkali solvents.  These solvents would remove the tissues and skin from your hands as readily as would any acid.

From what I can gather, ingesting carrageenan would be something like ingesting Vaseline petroleum jelly.  It acts like a gel and coats the inside of the stomach.  In fact, I wonder if many people who have issues with soy milk might be having issues with the carrageenan and do not realize it.  Maybe people who are considered lactose intolerant aren’t really.  Perhaps their body is trying to fight off carrageenan which is not meant to line the inside of the stomach.  In fact, let me go out on a limb here and suggest that the body is probably allergic to poisons such as these “natural additives” and perhaps not allergic to milk and ice cream.  This is, at least, something to consider.

Carrageenan is found in some soy milk, chocolate milks, many ice creams and some yogurts.  In fact, it is found in many vegetarian items since it is used as a substitute for casein.

How did we get here, folks?  For a period of time, I feel as if we had made some great strides.  However, now I am afraid we are poisoning ourselves at a faster rate.  Here’s what keeps me up at night and what I think of almost all of the time.  We just simply are misinformed!  I really mean it.  What will solve our crisis of illnesses and diseases will simply be the right education.  I met many lovely people yesterday who, I must say, were truly interested and, by the way, extremely shocked to find out that they might not be serving their children well by giving them low-calorie, low-fat snacks.  They are among the many wonderful people who are misguided by the food industry.  For instance, did you know that carrageenan is in that favorite ice cream treat called the creamsicle?  How many of your children eat creamsicles?  How many of you eat ice cream that is not really all natural?

Well, I would say, I’m sorry but I’m not really.  You need this information more than you realize – especially if you have children.  Let’s get back to the time when we could be proud of what we were feeding our families.  I am an ice cream connoisseur, so if you need suggestions, I can provide you with a smorgasbord of ice creams to choose from.

6 thoughts on “What Is As Good As Eating Petroleum Jelly?

  1. Some breyers ice cream still has only 4 ingredients listed some turkey hill and blue bunny frozen yogurt too. Most flavors are full of mystery ingredients and corn syrup.

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