Pop Your Own Darn Corn!

Not that I want to ruin your movie night or anything, but if you’re thinking about eating popcorn, you might think about taking a few extra seconds and making it over the stove top yourself.  Why do I have such strong feelings toward microwave popcorn, you ask?  Ever heard of popcorn lung?  The chemical that helps create microwave popcorn’s buttery aroma has been linked to serious health issues for workers who make the snack.  After working for several months at a St. Louis, Mo., flavoring company, a 53-year-old worker developed a life-threatening disease commonly called “popcorn lung”, which is linked to the chemical diacetyl.  Now his once healthy lungs can hold just 45 percent of breathing capacity.

You might think this sounds dramatic, but manufacturers of this product have had to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits.  There have been states that have attempted to ban its use completely.

All of this information seems so melodramatic, but here’s the real issue.  If you really want popcorn, pop your own corn and keep you and your family away from carcinogens.  Oh – and by the way – I haven’t even begun to talk about all the other beautiful ingredients contained in that little bag.  Yes, of course, I’m being facetious, but these little bags of not-so-goodness are filled with chemicals that I don’t personally think you would like to consume.

Here is what is really troublesome.  Are pregnant women warned about the dangers of eating microwave popcorn?  I know that there are so many things that pregnant women need to be careful about, but if you are pregnant or a loved one is pregnant, this might be a good tip for them.

What’s my health tip today?  Make your own darn popcorn!  Yes, it will take you a few extra minutes, but you might be saving your life.  Is anyone interested in my thoughts about the fake butter flavoring in the movie theaters?  No?  I didn’t think so.


One thought on “Pop Your Own Darn Corn!

  1. I pop it on the stove sometimes in my Whirly Pop and it’s very easy. EVEN EASIER is to take a paper lunch sack and put in a little olive oil and some popcorn and fold the bag over a few times and put it in the microwave, it pops just like the store bought kind! – without all of the unhealthy stuff.

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