That Sought After Healthy Glow

I had the pleasure of being at the Hackensack University Medical Center on Monday.  I met hundreds of wonderful employees, what a great place to work!  I did a seminar on how to live 10 years younger naturally, so it reminded me that I should send out a blog on how to achieve that sought after healthy glow.

Now please remember that everyone’s skin is different and what works for me may not work for you.  Although I must say that most people who have tried my routine do like it.

First and foremost, truly good skin or that real healthy glow comes from within.  The following is a list of foods that will definitely promote that perfect glow.  Salmon, walnuts, chia seeds, olive oil, blueberries, kale, dandelions, collard greens, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, organic coconut oil, raw walnuts and almonds, leafy greens and Lion Tea are some of the most important.  Eat these foods often, in fact, as often as you would like.  Quite frankly, if I have an event, three to four days prior I eat a diet mostly of these foods so that my skin will be just a little more “glowy”.

In addition to what you eat on a daily basis, exercise is definitely one of those things that help everything; weight loss, healthy heart, stress reducer.  Exercise at least five to six times a week and it will improve the look and texture of the skin.

Now this is where aestheticians cringe, but here goes.  I wash my face with extra virgin olive oil and have been doing this for decades.  Yes, I wash my face with olive oil at night to remove my makeup.  First, I put lukewarm water on my face and pour the oil into my hands and gently rub it all over my face.  Be especially gentle around the eye area.  Then I wipe softly with a white face cloth.

At this point, I use non-petroleum jelly (a lot) around my eyes (anywhere wrinkles might form).  Then I use fragrance free Lubriderm – yes, I said Lubriderm – as a moisturizer all over my face (a dermatologist recommended this to me over 20 years ag0).  I put non-petroleum jelly and olive oil on my neck, elbows, feet and knees.  You can imagine how lovely I must look climbing into bed, but it works!

Every three days, I make my own exfoliant out of honey and sugar mixed in a cup.  I exfoliate my face and neck carefully than I use Lubriderm.  At this point, I use a self tanner instead of moisturizer at night to make myself look like I have a little more color… oh alright… a tan!  Trust me, it works and I do not look orange.  I never tan my face out in the sun and this is a great alternative to being pale, which I would rather not be.

So there you go, now you have the real story.  A lot of women ask and a lot of women are stunned at my routine, but it does work for me.  Just remember that it is very important to exfoliate but please, more importantly, remember to always treat your skin like it’s baby skin; always touching it gently.  Here is something else that is extremely important to remember:  Never, never, never touch your face during the day.  You simply don’t know what you have touched!

My last thought on great skin… Lots and lots of H2O and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil every day.  That and super foods seem to be the answer to all things good!  You are what you eat.  Wouldn’t you rather look like a beautiful, luscious, bright red apple instead of a greasy pork roll?

4 thoughts on “That Sought After Healthy Glow

  1. Try using extra virgin olive oil instead of baby oil. It is all natural and high in anti-oxidants. Plus baby oil has some questionable ingredients.

    Using oil on your face is a standard beauty routine in almost every region of the world except the USA.

    Your beauty advice is spot-on.

    • You are 100% correct. In fact, I also use extra virgin olive oil also – but it is hard for me to try to get people to understand, so I suggest baby oil, which I also use.

      Thank you and have a fabulous day!!

  2. So which olive oil do you use, lt,exvirgin ?, an I would like to know which self tanning product you use? Would love to know. And love all your great info.

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