A Grandson’s Story

One of my most favorite things to research is how centenarians live.  I blogged about how to live to 100 and I received two really fantastic e-mails.  They happen to be from an executive at a large organization.  This lovely gentleman took the time out of his busy schedule to e-mail me about his grandmother.  I so enjoyed the e-mails I wanted to share them with all of you.  I did of course ask his permission.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I.

E-mail #1:

“Hi Vicky

I hope all is well with you.
I enjoy reading you blogs…thank you for sharing them with me.

Any how…thought I would share with you Grandma D’s secret to longevity.

Olive oil
Haley’s MO daily (got to move those bowels)
Keep busy…mind and body.
Use purpose soap daily (her skin was as soft as a baby’s bottom and not a wrinkle on her face)

She lived by herself in Paterson, NJ taking care of her garden, house and even shoveling snow to her 100 birthday when my dad became ill and no longer able to check in on her daily. Unfortunately, we had to move her into a nursing home at that time.

Any how….she lived to 105 and 1/2
Cause of death…not natural or old age…failure to thrive.

She gave up on life on 9/11 and died 5 weeks later.
Having lived in 3 centuries, immigrated from Italy to NJ when she was a young girl …she saw and experienced a lot (good and bad) including burying her husband and children. Since my grandmother still had all of her faculties, I visited her at the nursing home on 9/11 because I knew the terrorist attacks would greatly upset her. Sure enough…she cried on my shoulder saying over and over…”why are they bombing in our country. We didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve lived through too much”. 5 weeks later she died…probably more from a broken heart than anything else. I always wonder how old she would have been had she not given up.

Thought it was worth sharing with you.
Hopefully some of her longevity genes carried over to me.”

E-mail #2:

“Good Morning Vicky

I’m glad you enjoyed my Grandma’s story.

For a lady under 5 foot…she was one tough cookie.
When she was in her 90’s she had a double mastectomy and told the cleaning folks in the hospital not to clean her room because she was more than capable of doing it herself. She wanted the nurse and housekeeping staff to attend to those that couldn’t help themselves.
Also when she was in her 90’s and at her home in Paterson, a burglar entered her house one night. When the intruder entered her bedroom and shined his flashlight in the room, she jumped out of bed, grab a nearby broom and chased him throughout the house until he jump out of a second floor window. Instead of dwelling on what happened, she accepted as just another day in her life.
She was a neat lady….you would have enjoyed speaking with her.

So, of course you can share my Grandma’s story.
Have a great summer
Will speak soon.”

Great stories to share, please do I look forward to them.

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