Corn Dogs in Schools… Really?!

So let’s see… Take a hot dog, puncture it with a stick, wrap it in corn meal, and then fry it.  Oh my goodness.  This is supposed to be called nutrition?  I’m not sure what to write about first:  The fact that processed meats increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes, or that corn dogs – which are wrapped in corn meal – are full of fat and chemicals.  So, here is what I have gathered.  And I must admit, I am currently a bit annoyed due to the fact that I heard something troublesome on Fox News.  Mind you, I tend to really like Fox News and I generally agree with most things they say, but I must admit to being a little hot under the collar that they were moaning and groaning about how pathetic it was that the LA School District wants to become involved and have corn dogs and chicken fingers removed from children’s lunches.  We live in a society where there are so many children diagnosed with ADHD or other developmental disorders that cause some difficulty for them.  But let me ask you a question:  Why don’t you, Mrs. Mom or Mr. Dad, eat a corn dog for lunch every day – or how about two – and then email me about your productivity levels?  Yes, I am sure you have gathered that I don’t think you will have the energy required to do a darn fine job at work.

So, let’s see… Here we are… Do I write about how bad corn dogs are and the fact that if you allow your children to eat them, you are allowing your child to increase their risk of diabetes?  Or, should I bring up the fact that corn dogs are laden with chemicals that are sure to impact their bodies or, heaven forbid, their brain?  Oh, and did you think that they should have something nutritional for lunch so that they  can be attentive and perform well in school?  Well, why don’t you consider what a nutritional meal for their lunch might really be.  How about a chicken or a real turkey sandwich?  Of course, I could go on and on and on, but my issue today is with corn dogs.  I will, in a few days of course, blog about what healthy lunches really are.

So, what’s my point?  When you hear about school districts attempting to remove corn dogs from school lunches, applaud them instead of being offended and follow suit.

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