A Blessed Corporation Starts at the Top

I simply cannot let today go by without talking about what a magnificent and glorious day I had yesterday.  Lest you get the wrong impression it was a magnificent and glorious day because of the people I was surrounded by.  Yesterday we presented our wellness program to an amazing corporation.  I bring this up simply to demonstrate some very important traits about character and how one person’s character or the character of a family can build an amazing corporation.

The corporation we presented to yesterday is a very large family-owned business.  I must share with you it is quite evident that this family is a blessing to each other and in turn they as an organization are a blessing to their employees.

I was so touched by the individuals I was surrounded by yesterday that I had to point out how incredibly important it is to be a kind and selfless person.  A kind and selfless person will lead to a family of selfless people, which of course means they will be a blessing to their whole organization and all of the fortunate people that they come into contact with.  You know, many people live in earnest expectations of blessings and miracles.  I feel it is important to share with you the best way to receive blessings is to be a blessing yourself.  I know today the blog is short and sweet but I feel it is really important to recognize when I am grateful and to also recognize when others are a blessing to everyone around them including myself.  Thank you to all of the lovely people who travelled long distances and through what I heard was quite torturous traffic to hear our presentation.  I am most grateful for your time, your kindness and your questions.  Please look to have all of your questions answered in the upcoming blogs over the next several weeks.

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