Money-Saving Tips

So you want to find a couple extra bucks a month to do something fun with?  Times are tough, unemployment is high.  Now seriously, let’s think for a moment, do we really need to stop at Starbuck’s or Dunkin’ Donuts every morning?  You see my point.  There are so many ways to make small changes in our everyday lives that will pay off in a big way when you add them all up.  Here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Make your own darn coffee!  No, really, do you like Starbuck’s? You can buy a couple of pounds and make it at home.  Do you like Dunkin’ Donuts? Buy a couple of pounds and make it at home.  Add cinnamon and honey to it at home – why not spice up your life?
  2. Make your own darn beans!  Do you really need to buy canned beans?  Now this has nothing to do with my feelings related to cans.  Quite frankly, do  you have any idea how much money you would save if you, let’s say opened a bag, threw them in a pot and boiled?  Can it be any easier?  Alright, here’s where I should tell you – please make sure you wash your beans first.
  3. Breakfast sandwich?  Really!  Besides the extra money, do you have any idea how many extra calories you are wasting?  Fry up your own darn eggs, add a piece of cheese (real cheese mind you) and place it in your own bread.  So it took you an extra five minutes did it?  Let’s think money and calories, folks.
  4. Buy a case of water, take a couple of bottles with you in the morning.  No need to purchase bottled water for 10 times what it should really cost you.  But remember, I have told you in the past, filtered water is usually better than bottled water!
  5. Stop buying mints and gum. Besides the money you are spending, you will usually be chewing on little sticks of poison.  What’s my answer? Nosh on a little parsley – it will last far longer and be far less expensive.
  6. Make your own darn lunch!  Alright, I’m sure you knew I was going to go here.  Money and calories folks, it matters.
  7. Well I simply can’t do a list about saving money without bringing this up.  Sorry folks, if you smoke, just simply give it up.  Think of what  you can do with all that extra cash!  A little teeth whitening perhaps?
  8. Make your own trail mix.  Store bought trail mix is so pricey and usually full of poison.
  9. Stop getting those pricey injections to plump up your lips.  Guys and gals all you need is a toothbrush.  For what, you may ask?  Why to brush your lips of course.  Here’s a great trick I have used.  Take a toothbrush and brush your lips – they will certainly be a little plump for a little while.  Great to do before taking that family portrait.
  10. Botox anyone?  Well, here’s my super inexpensive alternative.  Surgical tape…yes, I said surgical tape.  Take a small piece, place in between your eyebrows, right there where many people get those two funky lines.  No, not during the day, at night silly.
  11. Spend lots of money on popcorn at the movies?  Well stop!  Calories and money my friends.  Place in your pocket, or your bag, a bag of sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds (raw unsalted of course).  Oh, and for goodness sake bring a bag for the residuals, be kind.

Well I have so much more to say, gee what a surprise!  I shall save more of my money-saving tips for another blog and bid you farewell.  I hope some of these help you.

8 thoughts on “Money-Saving Tips

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  2. Eat oatmeal for breakfast. I buy the large box of Quaker’s instant at Sam’s Club and each serving in the morning costs 10 – 15 cents. A little sea salt and Earth Balance and you are good to go. I do splurge by using Meyer Lemons in my lemon water (Much healthier than OJ). Meyer Lemons are less tart than regular lemons and you can get them for a reasonable price by buying a container of 18 at Costco.

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