Dating Etiquette

Well I was simply going to answer readers’ dating questions privately but then it dawned on me that if several readers have sent in questions regarding dating and relationships there may be more people who have the same questions.  Since relationships and many aspects regarding relationships can cause stress, I decided to take our reader’s questions and answer them in a blog.

Several questions came in regarding phone etiquette and dating.

  • A male reader asked if he takes a gal out on a dinner date should she call him the next day or should he call her?  My answer…the man should always call the day after a dinner date and thank the gal for going out to dinner with him.  It definitely is, in my opinion, the right thing to do.
  • This question came in from a female.  She asked when is it OK to call a man?  She gave a couple of different scenarios which I will not share since they are private, but here is my answer…if a man is a love interest you may never, ever call him.  If a man is a friend or colleague you may call him whenever you wish.  I hope this is quite clear ladies, several women have asked about phone etiquette.  Here’s the thing and I must be emphatic here, if he sees you as a love interest he will call you, I promise.
  • This question came from one reader recently who sounded like he must have been away on a beautiful vacation.  I hope you had a great time my friend.  The question was, “A man and a woman who are just dating, go away on vacation; who pays for everything?”  My answer…the man does of course.  I could tell this man seemed a bit peeved but my answer really is, the man pays and the woman should “offer” to pay for some things.  That being said, when they come back from vacation, she should take the time to cook a beautiful dinner or buy him a beautiful gift to thank him.  I understand that the economy is bad so if you know each other well enough and are comfortable, have a conversation about budget prior to going on any vacation.
  • Regarding texting, this question also came in from a male and here is my answer…I do not care what your age is, do not ever ask a woman to go out on a date via text.  Ladies, should you receive a text asking you out on a date, please do not respond.

I am not certain if you like the answers but you asked for my opinion and you have gotten it.  From what I can gather from some of the questions I have received, people all too often are thinking that times have changed, that somehow rules and etiquette have changed.  Of course this is my humble opinion.  Times have not changed, old dating rules and etiquette still apply.  If you are unsure, err on politeness and good old-fashioned ways.


2 thoughts on “Dating Etiquette

  1. Dear Vicky:
    I may be a little confused or misunderstood your reasoning regarding women should never call a man who is a love interest. I think you underestimate the needs of a man to hear from a woman, evenif it is via telephone conversation. Just like a women loves to hear back from “her man”, I know how wonderful it makes me feel when I receive a phone call in return. What is wrong with that?

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