The Antidote to Fear is Faith

One of my very dear friends is a judge.  He shares some of the most amazing and entertaining stories in our conversations.  The courtroom is a funny place you know.  This past Friday he called and stated that he had a great story to share with me and I thought it might be an interesting story from the courtroom.  It was not.  It was an amazing story about faith.  He called to tell me that he had seen an interview with Mariano Rivera right after he hurt his knee.  Apparently one of the greatest relief pitchers tore his ACL while he was warming up before a game.  That is not the story however, the real story that my friend knew I would be interested in was Mariano’s interview after his knee was injured.

The reporter interviewing this great Yankee reliever, asked him if he wondered, was curious or angry about why this had happened to him.  Rivera, so beautifully and eloquently, raised his hand up, looked up to heaven and stated matter of factly; “I never question anything God does.”  What an incredible statement and what faith my friends.  This might be enough to turn a hockey and basketball fan like me into a baseball fan.  This great man of faith might have me watching baseball soon after all.

I was grateful to hear about this story on Friday since I was already planning on talking about faith this week.  The best antidote to fear is faith.  Here is what I was thinking about last week, we need the kind of faith that young children have.  I can no longer ski due to a back injury years ago but I used to be quite an avid skier.  I can recall being at the top of a mountain, a pretty darn steep mountain mind you.  I would look around and see very young children, maybe as young as four or five years of age.  Let me just tell you, I can remember looking at these youngsters stand on the top of a mountain, appear as if they were not giving it a second thought, put their skis together, shove themselves off the top and go barreling down the mountain at a very high-speed.  These youngsters simply knew in their hearts and minds that they were going to make it down to the bottom of the mountain in one piece.  That is exactly the level of faith that we as adults need to place in God.  Faith is knowing that when you step off a ledge into darkness there will be something there to catch you.

I hope you d0 not mind that I was all over the place today.  I have a lot to say on the subject of faith.  Over the past seven years I’ve had lots of highs, lots of lows, lots of trials and tribulation but most importantly many, many blessings.  Even on the most difficult days I always know that God is with me and is with me now, every moment of every day and it is by His Grace and His Blessings that I have no fear.  A difficult day with God is better than the best day without Him.  So there you have it my friends, without a doubt the antidote to fear is faith.

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