My Friend’s Secret to Thinning Hair

Last Wednesday evening I went to dinner with two very dear friends.  We went for Japanese, I had the seaweed salad and lots of vegan rolls.  A few of you might know that I have an enormous appetite and it takes quite a bit of sushi to fill up my tummy, I had to eat when I got home, let’s hope my girlfriends understand if they read today’s blog.  Today’s blog is not about my sushi dinner of course, it’s about Rogaine.  Well, my oh my, I had not seen one of my girlfriends in a few months and I can tell you even as a legally blind person oh my goodness, did she have an amazing head of hair on her.  She looked absolutely fabulous!

In an effort to protect the innocent my girlfriend will of course remain anonymous.  For those of you who have thinning hair, hair loss due to stress or simply would just like a little more hair; here is her story…She began to notice some hair loss last summer, my friend is a beautiful woman and it immediately concerned her.  She began to see an acupuncturist, take tons of Chinese herbs, take biotin and use special shampoos.  I do recall that around the holiday season her hair definitely appeared to look somewhat better.  At the beginning of February she began using Rogaine for men twice a day.  I saw her last Wednesday and I am here to tell you that I, who cannot see 100% did a double take.  Je ne c’est quoi, how do I say this; oh my goodness!  I decided right then and there that I had to share this very beneficial information with everyone I know.  So as to ease your mind I must tell you I did do some research yesterday; Rogaine does seem to be pretty benign.  I don’t know much about it however so I am sure that if it isn’t benign some of the physicians that we work with will probably be notifying me within the next couple of days I am sure.

Listen my friends, I saw this up close and personal, my friend’s dermatologist told her to try Rogaine and I am here to tell you if you’re looking a little thin on top, consider Rogaine for men.  Rest assured though, if in the next several weeks I find out it is not as benign as I think it is you will be the first to know.

2 thoughts on “My Friend’s Secret to Thinning Hair

  1. There are currently millions of men around the world taking drugs (and supplements) designed to inhibit the enzyme that converts testosterone into what is called 5 alpha-DHT. While 5alpha-DHT has been implicated in male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlargement of the prostate), the real concern is prostate cancer. Recent studies have confirmed low levels of DHT with decreased survival in prostate cancer patients. This is due to the blocking of certain byproducts of 5 alpha-DHT as a result of taking Rogaine or even too much saw palmetto. These byproducts are anti-proliferative (stop abnormal cell growth as in cancers) and are protective to the negative effects of prolonged stress on the brain. In men too much blockage of this pathway can result in testosterone conversion into estrogen producing gynecomastis (enlarged breasts). This is especially prevalent with obesity as the fat cells produce an enzyme (aromatase) which does the conversion. In women blocking too much of the 5 alpha-DHT will increase testosterone and combined with obesity will convert to increased levels of estrogens which when out of balance can cause concerns with breast and cervical cancer risks.
    So what appears to be a rather benign intention with positive results that may seem appealing at first can be a smoke screen. It is vital to always assess each patient individually by a proper history, and appropriate testing to measure and monitor hormone levels that may be affected even in the most “innocent” of situations.
    As a practiotioner of functional medicine these questions are never overlooked.

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