No Need to Walk Around with Bumpy Arms

It’s summer folks, we need to look as shiny and silky smooth as possible; and yes, that goes for you guys out there too.  Men and women alike, you will spend the next few months in shorts, tanks and bathing suits.

There is something that is quite unsightly and you must pay attention to it.  I have noticed that men and women have this problem and I have to tell you it is quite easy to resolve.  Please, oh please I implore you, if the back of your arms have little bumps on them…there are sooooo many solutions.  No need to walk around with bumpy arms.  This seems to affect young and old, male and female and it is simply a matter of skin that needs to be exfoliated.  Please allow me to give you some suggestions.  All of these will work, please use whatever you have on hand.

  • Honey combined with sugar.
  • Apri-scrub (St. Ives)
  • Kosher salt
  • Almond butter

My personal favorite is almond butter.  Place a thin layer of the almond butter on the back of your arms and let it dry.  With a warm, wet face cloth, rub away the dry almond butter.  Immediately moisturize but try to be cognizant of the fragrances contained in your moisturizer.  I personally like extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer.  You know my friends, sometimes I think I may have more food in my bathroom than in my kitchen cabinets.  Actually that’s not true, I simply adore cooking so it might be equal amounts.  Seriously though I cannot tell  you how often I notice arms that need to be exfoliated.  Take some time, resolve this problem if you happen to have it and if you notice it on your friends simply give them some almond butter as a gift.  Till tomorrow, have a fantastic, healthy day.

4 thoughts on “No Need to Walk Around with Bumpy Arms

  1. From a strictly functional medicine standpoint when a patient presents with so called “chicken skin” , those bumps are usually a very important sign that your body may be deficient or have imbalances with dietary fatty acids: specifically omega 3’s and omega 6’s. This could either be from not consuming enough of these important fats either by supplementation or through the diet or an imbalance between the different groups. It could also mean that your body is not absorbing them properly which could be caused by many different reasons such as poor digestive enzymes, malabsorption syndromes at the gut lining (think: gluten sensitivity, intestinal permeability, food allergies, etc.). Many patients also present with imbalances of the B-vitamin family and low zinc levels. These are important cofactors which help with fat absorption.

      • Dear Vicky:
        I also failed to mention another very important consideration with this common problem: Usually there is an accompanying Vit. A deficiency. Either the patient can’t convert beta-carotene to vit. A or there is a disturbance with the bodies ability to absorb vit. A due to gastro-intestinal problems: enzyme deficiencies, damaged intestinal lining as a result of food allergies, gluten sensitivity, leaky gut syndrome (intestinal permeability) and other antigens such as bacteria, parasites, virus’ etc. which are damaging the gut lining. A proper patient history and functional tests wil often times pinpoint the problem(s).

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