Great Question From a Reader Regarding Cool Whip

“I need to defend myself — I rarely rarely have cool whip or any kind of whipped cream product. Once in a while I have one scoop of cool whip with my ice cream. That’s it. I consider it chemical-ridden, but tasty nonetheless. lol So I have one scoop of the stuff once or twice a month. Is this ok? Thanks for all the updates! I love reading your blog!”

Great question from an honest reader.  Such a great question that I decided to blog about this comment.  This reader is honest and upfront, she is quite clear about eating a product with chemicals in it, but is also well enough aware so as not to partake too often.  Listen up honest reader, the answer to your question is yes, my personal opinion is that it is probably OK.  I am sure that we all ingest chemicals some how, some way; even those of us who are quite aware of what we consume.

I liked your comment because it hit home.  Folks it is just impossible to live a perfect lifestyle.  It is practically impossible to eat 100% natural.  It is important however to remember that we must try.  The reason that I do the kind of work I do is to instill an awareness in people.  What I sincerely hope people do not do is consume fast food, diet soda, energy drinks, frozen food, cookies, cakes and Cool Whip on a daily basis.  White flour, sugar and chemicals are probably not going to harm you unless you eat them quite consistently.  As this reader suggested, she has a spoonful of Cool Whip once or twice a month.  I am sure that probably gets flushed out of her body just as quickly as it goes in.  We all have  our vices don’t we?

My advice:  choose wisely, make sure it’s worth it and don’t do it often.  Oh, and to the reader, thank you kindly for the words of encouragement.

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