Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions have come up lately that perhaps many of you have.  Instead of writing a blog today about one subject, I decided to write about random questions that people have asked me.  Perhaps these are questions you have had also.

  • How do you wash mushrooms?  You don’t!  Never wash mushrooms, instead you take a dampened paper towel or kitchen towel and rub them gently.
  • Do you have to throw away wilted kale, Swiss chard or any green, leafy vegetables?  No, in fact here’s a nifty little trick.  In a very large aluminum bowl, filled with cold water spread apart the kale or Swiss chard and place into water.  Even the stems will come back to life.
  • Should you peel beets before cooking?  No, always roast beets with the skin on.  They are far easier to peel once they are cooked.
  • Should you store coffee in the refrigerator?  No, coffee will maintain its freshness stored in an air tight container in a dark cabinet.
  • If you or your spouse have allergies, should you hang your bed linens outside to dry?  No, unless you are angry at your spouse.
  • Do you really have to soak beans overnight before cooking them?  You don’t have to but if you have time it actually is best to.
  • Can spritzing vodka in the air really freshen it?  Actually yes, this is not an old wives tale, it really does work.  I suggest you buy the cheap vodka; you may want to save the Gray Goose for drinking.
  • Is margarine OK to use?  Absolutely not, no, no, no!  Please use real butter, just don’t eat it by the stick.
  • Is apple cider vinegar really that good for you?  Yes it is.  In fact, it is a fantastic probiotic.  You can have a teaspoon before every meal, that’s how good it is.
  • Is it OK to cook with cooking wine?  Never!  If you are not willing to drink it, please do not cook with it.
  • How to keep your eyes from tearing when cutting onions?  Well I have discovered what works well for me is keeping the onions in the refrigerator.  It really does seem that cold onions don’t burn the eyes as much.

Well I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it.  Please continue to e-mail me your questions.  Till tomorrow.

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