Men’s Health Continued…Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

Well a lot of men out there have many questions, so I will focus on men’s health for a couple of days.  One of the questions that came in recently relates to testosterone and my opinion on increasing testosterone through medications.  Well, I’m not really sure about medications.  I do know that most medications, quite frankly  would have me running for the hills.  So the answer to you regarding medication, I simply don’t know.  But, my son Ray also does extensive research and there seems to be some natural solutions to low testosterone levels.

The simple fact is that as men get older testosterone levels decrease.  I’m sure this probably kills sex drive but in addition to that, low testosterone can mean low energy and bad moods.  In fact, higher levels of testosterone help in the creation of muscle.  So, since some of you asked about medications, I had to put a holistic spin on it and let you know there are natural ways to increase testosterone.  I would like to point out that as an experiment my son Ray did try this for four weeks*.  He did inform me that this is just too dang much testosterone for a 23 year old man.  Of course I’m not sure if he said this in jest or not.  So if you are in your 20’s I’m not sure if you should try this.  I guess there really is such a thing as too much testosterone.

*Well, without further ado, these natural solutions are from the book, “The Four Hour Body” by Timothy Ferris.


  1. Fermented cod liver oil and vitamin rich butter fat:  2 capsules before bed
  2. Vitamin D3:  3000-5000 IU upon waking and before bed (6000-10,000 IU per day), until you reach blood levels of 55 ng/mL (please check with your physician).
  3. Short ice baths/or cold showers:  10 minutes each, upon waking and right before bed.
  4. Brazil nuts:  3 nuts upon waking, 3 nuts before bed (this is Mr. Ferris’ personal preference and does not recommend it unless you are deficient in selenium).


  1. 20-24 Hours Prior to Sex:  eat at least 800 milligrams of cholesterol (four or more large whole eggs or egg yolks) within three hours of bedtime.  Why before bedtime?  Testosterone is derived from cholesterol, which is primarily produced at night during sleep.
  2. Four Hours Prior to Sex:  4 Brazil nuts, 20 raw almonds and 2 capsules of the fermented cod liver oil and vitamin rich butter fat.

It is really important that I stress that you check with your physician regarding all of the above.  I simply wanted to give you a natural solution to increasing your testosterone levels.  Low testosterone can hinder so much more than just your sex drive.  Need to boost energy, increase muscle mass and give a boost to your libido?  This might be a natural solution to gels, injections and medications.


6 thoughts on “Men’s Health Continued…Increase Your Testosterone Naturally

  1. Low testosterone could also be a sign of too much estrogen from excess belly fat (visceral adipose tissue). The body converts testosterone into estrogen in the adrenal glands normally, but will convert testosterone into excess estrogen via an enzyme called aromatase peripherally in the excess fat. It can be dangerous to just raise your testosterone levels without measuring estrogens. In men, excess estogen can lead to prostate growth and possibly prostate cancer. In my office, when a man comes in complaining of symptoms of low testosterone, we look at the patient’s lifestyle , dietary patterns, family history, environmental exposures, what supplements and medications the patient is taking etc. and if necessary order appropriate lab testing (salivary and serum and urine ) to get a complete picture of WHY the patient has low testosterone levels. Usually, with appropriate dietary, lifestyle changes (exercise and stress reduction etc.) and specific supplementation the patient responds in a safe and effective way without harmful side effects.

    • Gee Dr. Smith, it is always so great to hear from you. Your information is always so clear and concise. I sincerely hope that people take the time to read Dr. Smith’s comment. Have a fantastic weekend.

      V Well

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