Top 10 Ways to Look Younger!

Studio V Health’s Top 10 Ways to Look Younger…

  1. Have faith!  Leave your worrying and anxiety to God.  Anxiety causes wrinkles and a sad expression.
  2. Smile as much as possible.  Do not worry about the wrinkles around the mouth.
  3. If at all possible, try out some bangs.  Bangs always make women look younger.
  4. Never, never, never wear pantyhose.  You have 2 options… Bare legs if you can stand it or with very short skirts, make sure you wear tights.
  5. Platinum hair is very difficult on women over 40.  It is hard to pull off and tends to make women look older.  Therefore, a softer, medium blonde is a better choice.
  6. The darker the lipstick, the older we look.  Women over 40 should always opt for paler lipsticks in whatever shade or color they prefer.
  7. Wear very high heels whenever possible.  They will make you look younger and leaner.
  8. Make sure eyebrows are never too thin.  Thin eyebrows are a sure way to make you look older.
  9. Try to match your lip liner as close to your lipstick as possible.  Dark lip liners make us look older and are just plain ugly.
  10. Drink as much water as possible and remember to eat Omega-3s such as salmon, walnuts, and flax seed.  Water and these foods will promote a healthy glow and a healthy glow always makes you look more youthful.

Above are some of our favorite items for the youthful list.  I would love to hear what everyone thinks.  Please comment below if you have any great points to add and perhaps we will make a new list together.  Please don’t take this list too seriously – it is intended to help, not offend anyone.  So take away what works for you and forget the rest.


7 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to Look Younger!

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