Do Moisturizers Need to be Expensive?

Since recently I have blogged about cleansing your skin in the morning and the importance of toning.  I thought I should continue in the same vein and at least make some time to blog about moisturizing your face.  Now here’s an important tip…you really do not have to spend a ton of money on your moisturizer as long as you know what you’re looking for.  What are  you looking for?  Well, you can pick up a great moisturizer at your local drugstore as long as it contains:

  • Lipids (ceramides, cerebrosides or sphingo lipids)
  • Essential Fatty Acids (sunflower oil, grapeseed oil and primrose oil)
  • Sunscreen

Now I should be frank with you, my moisturizer does not contain sunscreen however keep in mind that the sun is your face’s number one enemy, it causes wrinkles and discoloration.  Therefore although my moisturizer does not contain sunscreen, I am very cognizant to always wear large sunglasses and a hat in the sun.  If I am not wearing a hat I will certainly wear sunscreen.

Back to the moisturizer, so we’ve already discussed the fact that it need not be expensive.  Here’s something else that will help, some of the most expensive moisturizers contain vitamins A, C or E.  But just because they contain them doesn’t mean they contain a whole lot.  So if you must, buy your own good quality vitamins, break open the capsules and squeeze out the ingredients  into your moisturizer.

Now, the most important point I have to share with regards to moisturizer is how you apply it.  Please oh please when applying moisturizer to your face, and in fact all over your body, make sure your skin is damp.  Damp skin will create a thin film to trap moisture and your moisturizer will be far more effective for your skin.  I should however caution you, I do sometimes use olive oil all over my body when it is damp and I have been known to slip on the bathroom floor.  So be sure to  be cautious or you may end up with bumps on your head.  So if you decide to sometimes use olive oil, be as cautious as I have learned to be so you do not end up with bumps on your head.


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