Posted in October 2011

Lay Off The TUMS!

So… On the TUMS website is the following:  “TUMS is the #1 antacid America relies on to get past heartburn quickly and get on with life.”   Wow!  That’s impressive!  Can I just ask a stupid question?  Why, oh why, are you eating food that gives you heartburn? I was inspired to write this blog by … Continue reading

Top 10 Ways to Look Younger!

Studio V Health’s Top 10 Ways to Look Younger… Have faith!  Leave your worrying and anxiety to God.  Anxiety causes wrinkles and a sad expression. Smile as much as possible.  Do not worry about the wrinkles around the mouth. If at all possible, try out some bangs.  Bangs always make women look younger. Never, never, … Continue reading

Coke In a Bottle…

That is to say in a baby bottle…and I thought I had heard it all! Well, I wish this story I heard recently was a joke, a riddle of a figment of someone’s imagination!!  Alas, no, it’s true.  There are parents  who are actually putting Coke in baby bottles.  In the event that there are … Continue reading

Do Moisturizers Need to be Expensive?

Since recently I have blogged about cleansing your skin in the morning and the importance of toning.  I thought I should continue in the same vein and at least make some time to blog about moisturizing your face.  Now here’s an important tip…you really do not have to spend a ton of money on your … Continue reading